Zoeva Blanc Fusion Eye Shadow Palette. Or how to use make-up to make eyes bigger?

Hi, Girls!

There’s nothing as annoying as small eyes that are difficult to treat with make-up. Not to mention the messiness of our men. Luckily, the first issue is manageable and solvable (the second one we will deal as well). To the rescue comes eye shadow palette ā€” Zoeva Blanc Fusion.

How does Zoeva Blanc Fusion palette look like?

Inside are beautifully matched eye shadows in shades of beige, brown and gold. Part of them is matte, others contain shimmering particles. The colours work with each other really well and are certainly able to magnify your eyes and perform make-up for every occasion. Unfortunately, the palette does not contain the mirror or any applicator that would make the use easier. In return, we get a box that is closed using a magnet and placed in a cardboard box.

Zoeva Blanc Fusion Palette

Eye shadows have a creamy texture and are well pigmented. The application and blending are no problems either. The eye shadows with shimmering particles are harder and require more time and skill in use. In spite of it, these last long, do not gather in the crease, but incorrectly applied and not fixed, can fall down. Apparently, it best to apply it with a finger. However, I prefer brushes by the same brand.

How to make eyes pop with proper make-up?

In order to make your eyes pop with make-up, you can use your favourite cosmetics. The rules are always the same and I will today present them on the Zoeva Blanc Fusion. For this make-up, you’ll need three or four shades. Let’s begin!

Entire eyelids cover with a base eye shadow, Jou In A Box. Then, in the corners of eyes apply cosmetic that can highlight this area of the eye. You can go for Noble or Single Origin. In the middle of the lower and upper eyelid apply matte eye shadow, Conched and follow it by Late bloomer. The outer eye corner cover with two layers of the darkest shade called Last Bite. Combine it with metallic Sweetness Lingers. If you are no stranger to extravagant look, you can aim at golden touch with Visions of Gold. Remember to always blend all eye shadows. Lastly, use some mascara, add false lashes and eyeliner. The waterline, treat with a white pencil. Your make-up is ready!

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