How to do your eye make-up with ‘Prism Palette’ by Anastasia Beverly Hills?


It wasn’t that long time ago when the cosmetic market got a new eyeshadow palette Anastasia Beverly Hills, Prism Palette. Apart from natural and delicate shades, we can find there vibrant colours which I use for my evening make-up. Continue reading to find out whether the palette fulfils all my expectations.

What shades do we have in Prism Palette by ABH?

Palette Anastasia Beverly Hills features 14 eyeshadows, a big mirror and a double applicator. The entire set is closed in a black packaging with an illustration of a prism on the top. What eyeshadows do we have inside? Lucid is a white shadow with pink reflexions. Eden is a matte cosmetic with coral colour, and Unity can be defined as ochre. I can describe Sphinx as metallic bronze of a definitely warm tones. The purple Osiris features red pigments. Green-and-yellow shade called Sphere delivers matte finish, so does Obsidian. Pink reflexions are provided by grey-and-silver Dimension. When it comes to Parallel, it’s a matte truffle shade. Metallic finish of the eye make-up is delivered by yellow-and-gold shade mixed with green pigments as well as the one flickering with all colours of rainbow blue-and-green shade. Another matte effect is provided by terracotta and ashy violet. The last colour that belongs to ABH palette is purple Eternal which can also be described as metallic.

Prism Palette ABH – My comments

Anastasia Beverly Hills palette impressed me much. The colours looks really well, are strongly pigmented and stay true on the eyelids for long hours. They neither stain cheeks nor gather in the creases. Furthermore, I find them easy to apply and blend, no matter if with one another or with other products that I’ve applied a few seconds before. The last piece of information, Prism Palette eyeshadows can be applied both wet and dry.

How to do eye make-up with Prism Palette by ABH?

Certainly, you have plenty of options: choose among metallic or matte shades, do monochromatic make-up, colourful or just this classic smoky eye. Today, I’m going to describe highlighting eye make-up, which I find suitable for all occasions. Start with applying Lure to the eyelids and above the crease area. Now, collect Lucid and put it in the inner corners of the eyes. Cover the opposite side with Osiris. The centre of the eyelid should be covered with Dimension, thanks to which, you will delicately link the remaining shades. The last step is obvious since you have to coat your eyelashes with a mascara and draw a black line with an eyeliner.

Do you already know how to do your eye make-up with the newest Prism Palette by ABH? I hope you do!

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