No Men Allowed! Girls Only Beauty Bar by Rimmel


Are you going to an important event and must look stunning? Or maybe you’re going to a mind-blowing party with your friends? Or just want to feel prettier? You can fulfil all of these needs thanks to Beauty Bar which is designed exclusively for girls. No men allowed! It must be the revenge for the past barber shops which didn’t allow women in.

What are you going to find at Girls Only Beauty Bar by Rimmel?

The spot has been made for women so they can get a nice hairdo, makeup and trendy clothes. Men aren’t going to find anything here; they won’t even advise their other halves on the choice of a dress. On the other hand, ladies are going to be pampered, become more beautiful and go through makeup and style makeovers. They can change the hair colour, wardrobe contents and makeup type in any place in the world. Beauty Bars have become so popular that you’re going to find one no matter your holiday destination. Just remember to leave your boyfriend at a hotel.

Beauty Bar – a place on a fashion and cosmetic map of the world

The word ‘Bar’ is used for a reason. Apart from turning your image over, you can have a cup of coffee and catch up with your friends. At a Beauty Bar you can buy and test Rimmel products and – once in six weeks – try famous designers’ clothes on. Beauticians, hairdressers and stylists will turn you into a goddess. Your man will be likely to feel intimidated by walking next to such a beauty.

What do Beauty Bars look like?

Rimmel products are the key element, that’s for sure. There are manicure and hair stands with professional nail and hair products. Every Beauty Bar offers a fashion zone where you can try fancy outfits on. Obviously, there’s a spot for gossip and a cup of coffee, too. For gentlemen… Oh, yeah, GIRLS ONLY! 

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