Gorgeous hands. No more wrinkled hand skin!

How often does it happen that you completely neglect their needs? Of course, you do your nails but somehow you forget about… hands! No wonder why the hand skin is wrinkled and rough, nails are matte and disturbingly brittle. Don’t worry! Today, we’re going to focus on our hands: How to take care of your hand skin? What should you do to keep hands looking good constantly?

Why hand skin gets wrinkled?

This might appear to be surprising but the answer is simple. Doing hand washing, cleaning house, doing washing up, baths and the influence of salty water and scotching sun – these are the very factors that negatively influence the state of our hands. Of course, the detergents and washing agents that your hands are in contact with also matter. Basically, you must bear in mind that your hand skin is really delicate and features little sebaceous glands that would ensure optimal level of nourishment and natural lubrication.

My hand care tips for you

1. Hand cream

This is the most important cosmetic when it comes to successful hand care. Make sure that the product you use contains essential nutrients, which are the ingredients responsible for replenishing skin with water, for example. Also, providing protection against external aggressors and potential skin damage is crucial. If I was to advise you, I’d say that you should look for the following ingredients: urea, butters, beauty oils (e.g. argan or sweet almond oil), vitamin E, allantoin, lactic acid or citric acid. Once you start slather your hands with a cream containing the ingredients I’ve just enumerated, you can be positive that the skin will become better hydrated and nourished pretty soon. Also, you can expect your hands to become smoother, skin will get more firm and brightened up.

2. Hand mask

If you thought about paraffin hand mask, then you score a point! Of course, apart from this wax hand treatment, you can also give other types of hand masks a try. In the case of dehydrated and damaged skin, you should make use of some widely-accessible revitalizing preparations. Also, using cotton gloves may turn out to be surprisingly beneficial. In the evening, apply a thick coat of a hand cream and then put on gloves. In the morning you can expect your hand skin to be smooth, moisturized and nourished.

3. How to wash hands correctly?

Without doubt, hand washing is a must, yet sadly it damages skin. This negative impact is caused by water, soap and improper hand drying. Hard, icy/hot water, strongly cleansing and dehydrating soap and unclean towel – all of this may damage your hand skin and nails considerably.

4. Protect the hands against cold and sun

Weather conditions also influence the state of hand skin. Cold air and negative temperature cause epidermal damage, whereas the sun causes discolorations. Therefore, if you want to steer clear from these adverse effects, apply hand cream containing SPF.

These are the basic tips and nuggets of knowledge concerning conscious hand care that I prepared for you today. I would be happy if you could share some hand care ideas in the comment section. Take care!

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