Reliable methods to deal with swollen eyelids and get smooth eye skin

Hey Girls,

Today’s entry is supposed to fulfill some of your requests. I frequently receive inquiries concerning eye skin area care. You keep asking me about the ways of taking care of eye skin, how to get rid of puffy eyelids, wrinkles, dark circles, how to make the look more radiant and if I have any techniques to deal with this issue. Well, I know some tricks. Quite a few, to be honest. Today, I’m going to gather them all and describe each one for you. Enjoy!

I don’t know if this also applies to you but somehow I don’t have time to put on face masks, do facial massage or other facial exercises (a kind of facial yoga which is supposed to smooth out wrinkles due to the touch). I’ve heard that they are effective, that the results are fast to be noticed and so on and so forth. Ok, but what if I don’t have time to make use of them? I just really don’t have. What I have though is a set of marvelous tricks that – I hope – you will like, too.

Here they are:

1. Cold touch

Brrr… this sounds frightening and gloomily but, of course, this isn’t a title of some crime novel but an incredibly effective trick which erases puffiness and dark circles from your eyelids in no time.

You can spot puffiness in the morning which is caused by lymph deposits. Luckily, you can get rid of this blemish in a snap using… cold. Here is a short explanation how to treat your eyelids with cool without irritating your delicate skin:

Take a teaspoon and either put it into a freezer or put it under a stream of cold water. Then, press the spoon to your eyelids. A similar effect can be obtained due to a slice of a cucumber that should be held in a fridge for a few moments. Take it out and apply to the swollen eye skin area. Let it sit for 30 minutes. Or even less.

Recently I’ve fallen in love with a wonderful eye serum that comes with a cooling massager, which is Nanotouch. Even, when I use up the cosmetic, I don’t throw it out because its cool, metal head is just perfect. It has the shape of a smooth almond. I use it to massage my eye skin area with.

Another cool idea to turn to are the well-known ice cubes. Wrap them with a cloth and keep gliding them across your eye skin area. However, don’t do this for long so as to prevent the cold from harming you. A good option is by freezing not regular water but, for example, green tea infusion – this version of your cold touch will deliver additional antioxidative effect. Green tea is also able to highlight skin and tone it. In fact, you can use the ice cubes to massage your whole face with – this is great, trust me. A real icy face lift!

2. Cucumber poultice

Of course in its cool version, this green ‘bastard’ will help you say goodbye to swollen eyelids and these pinkish outlines around eyes. Cucumber juice is good at lightening up skin. Therefore, two slices of a cucumber, which were in a fridge for a few minutes, put on eyelids will be a great remedy for all problems with fatigued and swollen skin.

There’s also a version for those more hard-nosed who don’t mind getting stained a little bit (so not for me): grate a cucumber and squeeze the juice out of it. This precious juice will be your ‘cucumber serum.’ Keep the serum in a dark-glass bottle and in the morning damp 2 cotton pads with it and put them on your eyelids. Marvelous treatment.

3. Green tea bags

I’m a little bit mono-colour when it comes to eye skin care, once it was a cucumber, now tea – also green. Brew 2 teabags and once they cool down, put them into a fridge – just to make them not only cool but cold. Now, just put these small tea pillows on your eyelids to let them touch the under eye area, too. This pleasant cool won’t only help you wake up but also erase the bits and pieces of sleep from your face. Moreover, green tea will leave your skin moisturized and rejuvenated. Green tea soothes the skin and protects against free radicals.

4. Caffeine shot

Don’t be afraid to use tiny doping to start your day with. Naturally, I’m talking about boosting your eye skin due to this genial and easy-accessible caffeine. It turns out that it’s great not only when poured into a cup and drunk in the morning. Caffeine improves blood flow and we should take advantage of this property wisely.

Cosmetic producers knows it too, therefore they use caffeine not only in anti-cellulite creams but also in eye cosmetics because there is nothing, literally NOTHING that boosts lymph flow, improves elasticity and eliminates puffiness as caffeine does. This is a master of taking care of eye skin area. It doesn’t only improve the appearance of the skin but also boosts blood flow, accelerates skin regeneration processes and stimulates collagen synthesis.

5. Witch hazel to get stunning looks

You know witch hazel really well, I’m sure about this. People who like using natural cosmetics recognize witch hazel as a king of skin care. For that reason, it’s a good idea to have witch hazel distillation in your bathroom, or if you have problems with buying it, you may prepare the infusion yourself. Just take one teaspoon of witch hazel, put it into a bowl and then cover with boiling water. Strain after 15 minutes. You can wipe your eyes with it every morning.

These are my 5 amazing treatments for eye skin area. Do you know any other, amazing ways to create this stunning and youthful look? Share them with us using the form below 🙂

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