TOP Ways to Use Hair Oils. How Do I Apply Oils for Best Results?

It seems like everything has been said about hair oils but still there’s something to add. I have already posted some reviews of the best hair oils but actually I have never told you how I use them. So, here’s my guide to hair oil treatment methods that work best for my hairdo.

Hair Oil Treatment. Never Tried It? You Need to Catch Up!

If you’ve never had a chance to use natural hair oils, I highly recommend this kind of treatment. Oils are miracle-makers provided they are all-natural, without silicones, preservatives, etc. As emollient substances they maintain optimal levels of moisture in hair but they have much more to offer. Some oils have antibacterial effects and solve some problems like dandruff or scalp irritations. A well-matched oil is a brilliant remedy for better, more beautiful hair.

Which hair oils do I recommend?

I’ve got three favorite hair oils. You can try them for a start but I encourage you to test other oils as well.

  1. Argan oil is a wonderful oil for weak, damaged, frizzy hair, but also works great for other types as it’s probably one of the most universal oils. It strengthens, repairs, adds resilience, as well as protects against the sun, heat, and mechanical injuries.
  2. Castor oil. I guess it doesn’t need an introduction. This oil is well-known for the growth-boosting properties. I recommend using it on the scalp to strengthen follicles, stop hair loss, thicken the hair and deepen the color. Apart from that, it kills bacteria and regulates function of sebaceous glands so it’s second to none for problematic hair and irritated scalp.
  3. Almond oil is the third pick. It is filled up with nourishing ingredients and antioxidants, making the hair smoother and more resilient, and bringing shine and health back.

I recommend cold-pressed, unrefined, 100% organic oils from Nanoil. I like them because they are lightweight, nicely-packed, and effective.

Hair Oiling Methods. How to Make the Most of Oils?

A slightly too long intro has led us to the ways of using hair oils. I’ve got two favorite methods but there are more of them. You can:

  • do a pre-washing hair oil treatment on dry or damp hair
  • apply oil on dry or damp hair after washing
  • use an oil-based hair mist (mix oil with water or herbal/floral water)
  • do an intensive hot oil hair treatment
  • soak hair in a bowl filled with warm water and oil

Here’s more about my two favorite ways of applying hair oils that I always use before shampooing.

Applying oil on dry hair

When I have little time or don’t need intensive treatment, I simply apply my oil on dry hair. I comb hair out, rub the oil into the scalp (usually castor oil) and hair (argan oil or blend of oils), comb the hair again to spread the oil evenly, put the hair in a bun and leave the oil in for at least an hour. Sometimes, I leave it in for the whole night when I plan to shampoo in the morning.

Hot oil hair treatment

Hot oil treatment is way more intensive and gives better effects, but it also requires more engagement and time so I do it only from time to time. First I comb hair out and dampen it using warm water. Next, I apply warm oil (slightly heated up, not too hot to avoid burns) and smooth it evenly on the hair. Finally, I put my hair in a high bun and secure it with a shower cap. To maintain the heat, I wrap a towel around the head and treat it to a warm airflow of a dryer from time to time. This way the oil can penetrate the hair more easily and deeply. I keep such turban for an hour but even 30 minutes will do. Last of all, I wash the hair as usual.

Let me know about your favorite ways of applying hair oils.

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