Lashcode Mascara – My Number One!

Mascara is one of the most important beauty products for me. While choosing one, I never go for second-best. I can’t afford cosmetic fails or keep wondering if a mascara falls on my cheeks, smudges, gets into my eyes, irritating conjunctiva. I don’t want a cosmetic that won’t last the whole day. Obviously, it must deliver precision in make-up and amazingly-looking eyelashes.

Make-up looks bad without beautifully defined lashes. Mascara decides if make-up is a success or failure. When I pick a mascara, I’m strict and can be very critical.

the best mascara - Lashcode

Recently, I stumbled on a jackpot mascara. Lashcode will never leave my beauty case. Now, I’m using the second bottle and must say… it’s STUNNING.

Lashcode isn’t just ‘a’ mascara. It is an excellent product that paints as well as repairs and deeply nourishes lashes. As a result, eyelashes are getting healthier and longer day by day.

LASHCODE mascara – Effect in make-up

I bet your mascara can’t do it 🙂

What about make-up? Beautiful!

I truly love the powdery formula of the mascara. It doesn’t resemble the pitchy and sticking slime… the consistency is velvety; the mascara has an intensive pigment and lashes look amazing in every lighting.

Lashcode - formula

product website:

Lashcode doesn’t flake, smudge or fall on cheeks. To me – contact lenses wearer – it is extremely important. I’m astonished that Lashcode – although not waterproof – is so long-wear. And I belong to people who tend to rub their eyelids e.g. due to dry conjunctiva (what can we do… the flaw of those wearing lenses).

Lashcode has a great formula. Even after a few months, the mascara doesn’t dry out. It got a little bit oxygenated in the tube so applying is comfier. The consistency lets me build volume and thickness with the very first layer of mascara. I love it that Lashcode lengthens my eyelashes so subtly. They are nicely curled up and don’t look unnatural (you know what I mean if you’ve ever used mascara thickening only lash ends).

Thanks to Lashcode, I achieve the effect of precisely coated, nicely separated and optically multiplied lashes. Super long, natural and very feminine.

Lashcode mascara review

Lashcode’s spiral is silicone and solid, narrowing at both ends. Such a shape is perfect for every eye shape and all types of lashes, no matter the length, thickness or density. It’s very easy to use; the wand reaches the tiniest lashes. I’ve seen Lashcode effect on my friends’ eyelashes. Each of them looked incredible and had no problems with the application thanks to the well-profiled spiral. That’s why I confirmed my belief that Lashcode is the best mascara. It has become my cosmetic favorite and I can recommend it to every girl with a clear conscience.

24 Comments “Lashcode Mascara – My Number One!”

  1. Malvine

    It’s been my number one for a month too :)) I’m happy that I came across this entry. To me a mascara is the most important when it comes to makeup

    • Eve1983

      same here 🙂 srly, I guess it’s the best mascara I’ve used so far. Hope it won’t change, like it happens with some products… thet simply get oxygenated fast

  2. HoneyBee

    Super long-wear and stunning curl. I adore this mascara for the effects it produces! Its formula doesn’t change even afer a few long weeks of constant use

    • Thamarah

      True, it stays on lashes all day long, doesn’t rub off or flake, it really gives a nice curl. it must be thanks to the wand that precisely separates literally all lashes. Recommend it!

      • HoneyBee

        the wand is sensational!!!1 🙂

  3. Chocko666

    I used Lashcode only once ( my friend has this mascara and she prices it highly ) and I was satisfied with it. Very black and the effect of eyelash extension and thickening is marvellous. I’m going to buy it the moment my present mascara finishes.

  4. Nicolee

    is there already or will they launch brown one??

  5. Nadia

    Really cool mascara, long wear and looks good even at the end of day, just impeccable. Two or three coats are enough to make lashes look EPIC, Generally I really liek it

  6. Nephretete

    The mascara is wonderful. No other mascara made my lashes so beautiful!! :*

  7. Camarelove

    It remainds me of this iconic lancome hypnose, yet imo lashcode is better – it doesn’t slap us in the faces with its price 😉 Surely, it has longer lifespan.

  8. Nelly4141

    I’m really curious if it will keep the same consistency in the long run. I’ve already had so called upscale mascaras and they dried out and started flaking before I fiished the tube.

    • Sonic

      it’s ok, i’ve just started using the 2nd tube and the 1st remained good till the very end. I don’t remember when I bought the 1st tube but it lasted very long.

  9. Veronica31

    Already by looking at the packaging it’s plain to see that the product is luxurious 🙂

  10. Dominique

    Perfect mascara for allergy sufferers and contact lenses wearers. Confirmed info 😉

    • Glorian_wom

      😉 I can also confirm that 🙂 even my eyes aren’t irritated 🙂

  11. WooWoo

    I wasn’t so amazed with this mascara yet I was positively surprised. I like it for being durable and that it’s fast and easy to remove.

  12. Camillie

    Super lengthened and beautifully separated lashes 🙂 Amazing for me! <3

  13. LittleMouse

    I truly love the formula and seen opinions it stays the same till you use it up. Perfect coating and beautiful definition. Actually the effect is truly feminine, romantic eyelashes <3

    • Luhca40

      I guess this perfect coating of all lashes is thanks to the silicone brush, it’s quite narrow and covers even the smallest eyelash

  14. YOLanD

    love that conditioner-and-mascara-in-one 🙂

  15. Michelllle2222

    This is my must-have! 🙂

  16. Allaina

    The effect is that my BFs asked if I got false extension attached 😀

  17. Claire36

    I wish there were more colours ;/ I’d buy a few shades together, i saw on the website that it’s cheaper to get 2 or 3pack

  18. CrazyGirl

    I’ve never heared about this mascara before yet it sounds promising… Thank you for the review


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