How to contour lips? Lip Studio Color Contour Lip Palette from Maybelline

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Lip ombre has been very popular recently. After that, contouring various parts of the body (face, arms, cleavage and even legs was a hit as well. Maybelline has taken a step forward and created a lip contouring palette. It’s called  Lip Studio Color Contour Lip Palette and in today’s post, I will tell you a bit about this product. 

What’s in the Maybelline lip palette?

Lip Studio Color Contour Lip Palette from Maybelline contains six creamy lip contouring cosmetics and one for highlighting. The products come in one colour version. Those are pink, red and burgundy. What is more, the lip kit comes with an applicator that we use for outlining and filling in lips. All of the products have creamy formula thanks to which the application is pleasant and easy. When it comes to the highlighting product, it makes the lips appear fuller and leaves a hint of shine.

How to contour lips?

Start off with choosing the shades that are most similar to each other. With a tin tip of the brush outline the lip shape and fill them in with the thicker end. Then, apply a bit of the shimmering cosmetic to the middle; you can dab it with your fingertips or of the larger applicator attached to the palette. The coverage and colour intensity can are buildable (simply add more layers of the cosmetic). If you decide to go for a more intense lip shade, remember to tone down the eye makeup. The same rule applies in a reversed situation, strongly emphasized eyes will look great with subtle lip shades.

My favourite look with Maybelline makeup lip palette

Would you like to know how I do my lip makeup? Here you go. I always want my cosmetics to last as long as possible, therefore, I exfoliate my lips in the first place. My favourite lip scrub is honey combined with sugar that I rub against my lips (gently but firmly). Then, I apply a generous amount of a moisturiser or a rich lip balm. Effects? My lips are smooth, firm and ready for the rest of my makeup. My personal favourite colours are the two pink ones. To outline the shape of my lips I use the lighter one and the second one is for filling them in. Then, I apply a bit of the shimmery product to create the 3D illusion of bigger lips. I like to finish it with a clear lipgloss. This makeup will last for a good few hours. During the day it requires one touch up, but that’s all! You are ready to go!

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