Hyaluronic acid, vitamins, folacin and other components in cosmetics

Hey there darlings, do you ever just wonder what is really important in skincare? Not trendy but relevant for it? Each year there’s a new ‘innovative’ and trendy ingredient that all beauty brands are endorsing. In the meantime, for ages in the skincare, there was just a handful of substances that can truly guarantee you the proper care. You know like capital C-type of care. What are those substances? Enjoy my brief yet crisp review of the components in question 🙂

The best beauty ingredients – the review

1. Retinol – also known as perfect in the form and action vitamin A. Invaluable in skincare, the powerful dose of youth in a small capsule. Vitamin A is one of the best rejuvenating substances, that us why retinol is still a king of anti-aging creams.

However, hardly anyone knows (and I know that is why I’m telling you this) that retinol is best to ‘serve’ to the skin as a serum. Then it’s able to penetrate deeper skin layers, which is where it’s actually needed.

Good face serum with retinol is a huge asset to the skin. An irreplaceable help, a youth in drops, that, whatever you heard about it, it fully represents its marvellous anti-ageing action.

2. Folacin – little known ingredient so now it’s the time for me to do some show off of my knowledge in difficult terminology 🙂 To be true, it’s none other than vitamin B9, or even simpler folic acid. Well, it’s no longer this exotic, isn’t it? Folic acid is a precious ingredient for the skin that is used in anti-ageing cosmetics. In other words, it’s a rescue for the skin when it starts to produce less collagen and elastin, but also less hyaluronic acid. Folacin stimulates fibroblasts in the skin to produce the aforementioned components.

The effect is visibly rejuvenated and refreshed face. Moreover, folacin is able to inhibit harmful impact of sun rays on the skin, which is extremely important in skincare because believe me when I say it, nothing is damaging your skin more than the sun.

3. Vitamin C – the queen of vitamins, the champion of skincare, her brightness Vitamin C – it perfectly brightens the skin, takes care of its hydration and even, beautiful, healthy tone. Vitamin C should be used by you no matter the age and you should start using it from the early teenage years. It is because it helps soothe symptoms and causes of the acne. By the way, retinol has similar action so teenagers can use it as a night product so that skin can be super smooth. 🙂

I use vitamin C in the form of the serum because then it’s able to get to the deeper skin layers.

4. Hyaluronic acid – Who haven’t heard about it? It’s the master of all beauty salons because it is used for lifting, anti-ageing injections for the face. Hyaluronic acid is the building material for our skin. If with age there is less and less of it, the skin becomes… well old, yeah I said it. That means the skin becomes loose, lacks suppleness, is covered in wrinkles. My friend calls this skin type ‘wrinkled’. If you wish to avoid ‘wrinkled’ 🙂 skin, use hyaluronic acid to rejuvenate it but also because it is perfect for moisturizing. Perfect – it seems like a modest way to describe it because one particle of hyaluronic acid can hold 200 particles of water! This acid is just breathtaking. It is a moisturizing master, the superhero of youthful and supple skin. You should consider introducing it to your beauty routine as early as in your 20s. Even if you have oily skin, moisturizing is super important so don’t let anyone tell you that oily skin should be dried with some monstrosities on a regular basis. Hyaluronic acid is your best friend for life 🙂

Let me know whether you know any of those ingredients and whether you use it. Also, hit me with their effects and cosmetics you have and is it worth buying them. And… whatever you want to share with me 🙂

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