How to take care of your skin before the wedding?


I know, many of you did not expect such a post on my blog.
However, I get asked a lot how to properly take care of the skin before the wedding.

I have decided to approach this matter in a professional way and therefore, I’ve created a special care schedule for the future brides-to-be. Thanks to this guide, everything will go smooth and you will not have to worry about a thing! On the big day, every bride will allure with her stunning looks!

One year before the wedding, many women look at their skin anxiously and (often) panic after discovering imperfections, acne, redness, pores, blemishes or blackheads.

Girls, relax: do not panic, the skin requires only six months to regenerate! If the condition of your skin is far from perfect, or something worries you, just go to a beautician or visit a dermatologist (no more than six months prior the big day) and learn whether you will be able to deal with the problems on your own or if your skin requires the help of a professional.

How can a dermatologist help your skin?

If the dermatologist decides that the skin requires specialized care, then, they can offer you various treatment, for instance with retinoids or chemical peels that will help with the renewal and regeneration processes of the epidermis.

However, if the skin is not in a terrible condition and none of that sort of problems keep you awake at night – just take care of it yourself. I will not discover anything new if I say that the absolute basis of facial skin care is cleansing and moisturising – thanks to which, the complexion is always firm, supple, smooth, fresh and radiant. Go to your favourite drugstore or pharmacy and buy good-quality cosmetics that contain a lot of natural beautifying and conditioning ingredients. Make sure none of the products is comedogenic.

How to take care of the skin before the wedding – 6 months until the big day 

Relax, that’s plenty of time!:)

  • Choose high-quality skincare cosmetics – the ones that are natural, do not cause irritations nor have comedogenic properties. Moisturise and cleanse the body and your facial skin.
  • You might as well consider buying a good hair oil. During a six-month treatment, it will bring tremendous effects: the oil will regenerate, moisturise and restore hair’s vitality.
  • Take a closer look at your diet – rational, abounding in vegetables and fruits foods are the basis, and the slogan “you are what you eat” is totally on point. Your appearance is affected by vitamins and microelements – if your eating habits are far from ideal – change them … at least a little bit;)
  • Think of your stamina:) Yeees, I wrote that;) Girls, there is a long wedding reception in front of you and a whole range of activities before and after the wedding and after all, you are the queen of the event! Of course, there is no need to sign up for a triathlon right away, however, pilates, yoga classes, long walks or a swimming pool would be a good thing for your body and mind as well! Think about it!:
  • !!! Remeber to schedule a hairdresser and a make-up specialist. Yes, it is the appropriate time to look for them; usually, they are booked 6 months in advance(!).

How to take care of the skin before the wedding – 3 months until the big day 

  • Take care of your nails – you can either do it with the help of a professional or on your own with the help of a good treatment: you can rub an oil into the nail plate and the cuticles (choose from one of the natural oils, such as Coconut, Argan or Shea butter), or go for a rich cream.
  • If your eating habits are still far from perfect, reach for supplements – it is best to buy good-quality vitamins and minerals dedicated especially to women.
  • Eyelashes long enough to reach the sky? There is no need to get lash extensions done to enjoy longer and fuller lashes. It is enough to start using a top-rated eyelash serum 3 months before the wedding. Choose the one that is highly ranked in cosmetic reviews and is recommended by other women. I know what most of you will ask me now, do I have my favourite eyelash serum? Of course! How follows my blog carefully should know that already, but I will give you a hint! It is extremely effective, comes in a black, very elegant bottle with silver writings and starts with the letter N…who will guess? Let me know in the comments!;)))
  • Feet – are a very important part of the body! – especially on a wedding reception:) If you want to be able to dance all night long, you must prepare your feet: there’s nothing worse than irritated, cracked and sore skin of the feet. Therefore, you should include foot scrubs, pumice, soothing baths and softening creams into your beauty routines. Additionally, a good idea is to use exfoliating socks followed by moisturising and refreshing socks from time to time.
  • Similarly to the feet, start taking care of your hands. Remember to apply a generous amount of cream whenever you can. Sometimes, you can use more cream and even put on cotton gloves and just go to sleep. Also, a sugar scrub will bring amazing results, give it a try!

How to take care of the skin before the wedding – 1 month until the big day 

  • Hair – if you have (and want to have on your big day) natural hair colour – just keep using your favourite hair oils. Hair oiling should be done at least once a week. If you wish to dye your hair, now is the best time for it.
  • Tan? Yes, it’s true that with a nice tan we all look better, healthier and slimmer (just make sure not to overdo it!!!!). Many guidebooks suggest using a self-tanner, however, I definitely wouldn’t recommend it! Fake tans simply stain the underwear, clothing, sheets and everything around you – thus, I wouldn’t risk it with the beautiful, white flawless wedding gown. In this case, a tanning bed will be a better solution (use it reasonably!).

How to take care of the skin before the wedding – 7 days until the big day!

  • Wow, it’s only 7 days left! Girls, make sure to go to a technician to style your eyebrows with henna, plucking etc…
  • Since we are talking about removing hairs…body hair removal will also be useful? Legs, armpits, bikini … even forearms, if you feel like it 🙂

How to take care of the skin before the wedding – 1 day until the big day!

  • Have your manicure and pedicure done in the evening to avoid the risk of damaging the nails.
  • A massage – yes, it will be extremely beneficial. Go for a long one, relaxing, combined with aromatherapy. If you do not feel like going to a professional – take a long bubble bath with nice scented candles, bath salts and even relaxing music! This will release the tension and ease the emotions connected with the following day.

How to take care of the skin ON THE DAY OF THE WEDDING \_(♥‿♥)_/

Today, everything has already been scheduled: First, the hair stylist then, the makeup specialist. Make sure to stick to this order! Washing your hair with full makeup on was never a good idea, trust me!

There is nothing left for me but to give my best wishes to all future brides!
I wish the two of you a beautiful life 🙂 웃 + 유 = ❤

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