Makeup palettes from NYX Cosmetics Ultimate – how to create three different looks?


Day or evening makeup look? Natural or extravagant? Soft and romantic or bold and dramatic? Which look do you prefer? If you haven’t decided which of them is your favourite, maybe  NYX Cosmetics and their three Utime eyeshadow palettes will help you choose. 

Three palettes – three different looks

NYX Cosmetics has created three various makeup palettes for the lovers of different kinds of makeup. The first one (Electric) consists of intense and original shades of yellow, pink, green and blue. In the second one (Sugar High), you will find natural shades of beige, bronze, rose and violet, whilst the third one (Smoke Screen) comprises steel blue, sky blue and light pink. Each of the palettes includes 9 eyeshadows with a matte, metallic and gently shimmery finish.

What are the NYC eyeshadows like?

All NYX eyeshadows are highly-pigmented and have a condensed, pressed formula. They offer three types of finish I have already mentioned before. They do not fall down on the nor gather in the fine lines and creases. The application is easy and can be done both wet as well as dry. In both cases, the makeup will look stunning. Each of the NYX products gives the ability to create a totally different look. The Electric palette will be perfect for a carnival makeup. Thanks to Sugar High you will be able to create a soft but alluring work or school look. After doing makeup with Smoke Screen you can go to an evening party.

How to do makeup with the Ultimate palette from NYX Cosmetics?

First of all, start by choosing a base colour with a matte finish and apply it to the upper eyelid. Next, use a light shade to emphasize the inner corners of the eyes, and a dark one to the outer corners. Use a middle shade in the middle of the eyelid and combine the two extreme colours. Make sure to blend everything well to avoid any sharp edges. You can add a hit of one of the shimmery eyeshadows for a more eye-catching effect. Last, but not least, use an eyeliner and apply a generous amount of mascara.

Do you know the NYX palettes? Do you like the brand? What is your go-to makeup look and eyeshadow palette? Share your story with us!

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