Make-up with Kat Von D. – Lock-it cosmetics for all of us

Hi, Girls!

Kat Von D is a famous and talented tattoo artist who recently released her own cosmetic line, Lock-it. It includes among many, foundation, powder, concealer and make-up base. How did it work for me? Enjoy my newest entry.

Make-up base in Lock-it collection has moisturising and nourishing properties. It makes pores less visible, foundation last longer and prevents rubbing off the make-up. Lock-it base contains aloe, jojoba oil and Shea butter which calm and hydrate skin providing make-up with perfect appearance. You can use it as an individual cosmetic or along with Kat Von D. make-up.

Foundation by Kat Von D makes skin complexion even, mattifies skin and camouflages pigmentations. It is cosmetic with high pigmentation – contains even 21% pigments. What is more, it provides great coverage and is long-lasting. Due to its liquid texture, it is best to apply it with a brush or a sponge. The offer holds several shades of beige, brown and neutral colours.

Concealer in Lock-it line is recommended for dark circles around eyes. It is available in several shades matching skin colour and foundation. The concealer camouflages imperfections around eyes, highlights skin and optically makes eyes bigger. In order to achieve a satisfactory result and natural effect, use the concealer that is two tones lighter than the foundation. Using various shades of concealer you can shape your face — highlight its assets and hide the flaws.

Powder in Lock-it collection is practically insensible on the face, adjusts to the skin complexion and ensures the perfectly smooth finish. It is locked in a packaging with a sifter for easier use. The curious thing about Lock-it powder is that it is perfect for baking technique. Just be careful not to apply too much of the product; before applying to the face, flick excess from the brush.

Have you already used cosmetics in Lock-it collection by Kat Von D?

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