Home ways combating cellulite

The other day I was standing in front of a gigantic row of shelves trying to find this one and only cosmetic targeting cellulite. Creams, scrubs, oils, baths…Β  help πŸ™

I was about to run out form the shop shouting when suddenly I realized that active substances such products contain are common and, additionally, each of them can be found in my cupboards πŸ™‚ Coffee, sea salt, brown sugar, white sugar, honey, lemon or red grapefruit, natural oils… My dear readers, it’s time to combat cellulite using home methods! Here are the best, the most effective, fairly easy ways to combat cellulite:


Yes, yes, that’s the most effective way to combat cellulite. Cold water boosts blood circulation, so it helps skin become better supplied with all the substances blood transports. Also, chilly water makes skin more elastic and, in general, it combats orange peel and works in favour of the entire organism: makes body more vigorous, accelerates metabolic rate, reinforces immune system, helps removing toxins from body and improves thermoregulation, which is why, the organism starts coping with temperature changes better. What’s more, I suggest you to combine cold water with massaging the entire body or other body places affected by cellulite. Basically, you can set the strongest stream of the douche so as to make the cold water massage your skin for you.


It’s said to beΒ Cindy Crawford’s method for obtaining smooth thighs. Therefore, if you would like to give a go to this supermodel’s way of beautifying body, reach for 4 spoons of coffee. Of course, you don’t have to use fresh ground coffee, you can go for the dregs of the coffee you’ve just drunk. Long live cosmetic economy! πŸ˜€

Mix the dregs with 1 spoon of olive oil or coconut oil and 4 spoons of brown sugar. The best result will be obtained if you apply such homemade body scrub everyday by massaging the mixture into the very body parts affected by orange skin. It would be even better if you kept massaging your body for approximately 20 minutes.


Vinegar is said to have strongly purifying qualities and accelerate fat burning. Also, it’s recognized as an agent that improves digestion and reduces appetite. Yes, yes, this vinegar cocktail I’m talking about must be drunk not applied to your body. However, before you go to the kitchen to take a bottle of vinegar into your hands, remember that it has to be 100% natural vinegar oil, not this regular, common one. Certainly, you can buy natural apple vinegar in an eco-shop or prepare one yourself πŸ™‚


Cellulite doesn’t like citruses, and it frets grapefruits the most πŸ˜‰ Therefore, it’s wise to buy essential grapefruit oil (OK, if you can’t find it, go for orange or lemon essential oil). Add a few drops of the oil into your bathwater and fill in with olive oil (a half of a glass should do). Such a bath will reduce visibility of cellulite and make skin more elastic. Of course, you will be more relaxed after spending a while in such a fragranced bath.


Sea salt, one of the most common ingredients used to fight back cellulite. Sea salt comprises every other preparation combating cellulite. It’s the sworn enemy of orange peel. In short, the best way of taking advantage of sea salt’s power is by using it as an add-in to a homemade body scrub or by adding a glass of it to a bath.


Cinnamon is known for making skin firm, boosting mood, soothing and relaxing. Also, this seasoning helps removing fat and water from body cells. It works wonders, especially when you combine it with grated ginger because such a mixture boosts blood circulation and detoxifies skin. Take 4-5 packs of cinnamon, a spoon of grated ginger and a half of a glass of water, mix thoroughly to obtain an even mass. Apply it to the body areas affected by cellulite and then wrap them with food foil. Remain foiled for 20-30 minutes. After that, rinse the homemade preparation off using warm water.


One of the best effective oils are: rosemary, almond oil, dill oil. You can use them separately yet the greatest power they have when combined in equal proportions. Just two drops of each oil, mixed together and massaged into thighs, bottom and belly should bring out satisfactory outcomes. As mentioned above, massage improves blood circulation and accelerates lymph flow thanks to which it reduces swellings.

When it comes to massaging in particular, you can carry it out using your hands or reach for special massagers featuring insets which are perfect for destroying fat tissue. Just remember, during doing shopping, have in mind that paradoxically plastic massagers aren’t that durable as they seem to be. Another good solution is getting a special rough glove. Naturally, such a purchase depends on how deep our pockets are as well as preferences. If I were to express my liking, I regularly use wooden massager and then follow using a rough glove which I additionally ‘equip’ with coffee body scrub.

What are your thoughts concerning home remedies combating cellulite? Have you ever tried some of them? Do you have got your fav, home method to fight back cellulite? What do you think – are home ways of combating cellulite as effective as the readymade products available in drugstores? Share your comments below, please πŸ™‚ Kisses & Hugs!

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