The perfect lipstick for you? Only with Tom Ford Lips & Boys Lip Color!


Today, I want to present you with my favourite lipstick, Tom Ford Lips & Boys Lip Color. If you’re an elegant and sophisticated woman, it is cosmetic perfect for you. I have tried it and have no regrets about it. Will you give it a go?

Tom Ford’s lipstick

When you decide on getting the lipstick by Tom Ford and enter the store, do not be scared off by the numerous colours of this product. Tom Ford Lips & Boys Lip Color is available in several dozens of pink, red, brown and beige. Cosmetic has an elegant case in the colour of gold and was decorated with the initials of the producer. It perfectly goes with any type of make-up and is great for every occasion.

Tom Ford Lips & Boys Lip Color effect

Besides colour, Tom Ford lipstick holds also conditioning properties. It contains soy seeds extract, murumuru butter and chamomile oil which have a beneficial impact on the skin of lips and final effect of the make-up. Thanks to those ingredients, lips are hydrated, smooth and firm but also seem fuller. On top of it, Tom Ford Lips & Boys Lip Color lightens and makes lips appear optically bigger. It contains a high quality pigment which gives expressive effect and evenly coats lips with colour. It has a matte finish and perfectly complements delicate eye make-up.

How to apply Tom Ford’s lipstick?

Lipstick by Tom Ford has a shape that allows easier use. You just have to apply it to lips and the colour is going to be intense and vivid. For make-up helpful may also be a pointy brush that can precisely reach lips edges. If the colour seems too intense, give it a rub with your finger.

Have you ever used Tom Ford’s lipstick? Which is your favourite colour?

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