New arrival by MAC Cosmetics. Jade Jagger cosmetic series inspired by rock’n’roll jewellery


MAC Cosmetics brand has collaborated with many famous people from the show business. This time the brand decided to create a series of cosmetics by inviting Jade Jagger, a jewellery designer and a daughter of this world-famous rock’n’roll singer. What was produced thanks to this cooperation?

Jade Jagger and MAC Cosmetics beauty products

MAC Cosmetics with the cooperation of a jewellery designer, Jade Jagger, created a beauty product set that consists of eight cosmetics designed for face make-up. All of them are mineral products which makes them perfect for people having sensitive skin. The collection features lipsticks, eyeshadows, highlighter, bronzer and concealer delivering shimmering finish. Shades and colours of the packaging of all the cosmetics resemble gemstones, so these are two things which are considered as top-up of every woman’s image.

Lipsticks by Jade Jagger and MAC Cosmetics

The series of MAC Cosmetics features three lipsticks: pale pink Opal Beach, pink Sunset Pearl and red Rolling Red. All of them provide slightly shimmering finish which optically enhances lips (they look bigger) and makes the entire make-up become radiant, feminine and very natural. The lipsticks have creamy consistency, which facilitates application. Moreover, they stay true for six hours, and no matter how many layers of it you put on the lips, the coverage is always good.

Eyeshadows by MAC Cosmetics and Jade Jagger

In this collection inspired by jewellery there are two quadruple eyeshadows, Burning Nights and Golden Shine. Both of them are closed in round palates and are available in beige, brown and pink shades, all of which providing shimmering finish. MAC Cosmetics eyeshadows can be applied wet and dry. Their formula is safe for eyes and the skin around. What’s important, they were tested under dermatological and ophthalmological control.

Face make-up by MAC Cosmetics and Jade Jagger

Face make-up cosmetics by MAC Cosmetics and Jade Jagger are as follows: highlighter, bronzer and concealer delivering shimmering finish. Their formula is baked and contains vitamin E. It’s best to apply them using a brush featuring soft bristle by using short strokes. For the highlighted effect, masking skin imperfections and delivering the look of sun-kissed skin, you need to apply just one layer of the cosmetics.

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