The art of make-up. How to camouflage the signs of common cold?

During the winter a common cold deprives us of energy.
But who said that it has to deprive us of beauty as well?

While being sick, we lose a lot of water and, as a result, our skin becomes rough. Also, we get this feeling as if our face skin was, somehow, too small for us. Standard moisturisation isn’t enough, unfortunately. In general, we’re sad because we look far from beautiful. Ok, let me tell you something: Girls, don’t worry because we can look good even with a runny nose! This entry should be found useful for all of you out there who is affected by a disease.

How does a common cold affect our looks?

  • Complexion becomes dehydrated, rough and contracted.
  • Face is swollen, either reddened or pale.
  • Eyes are watery and red.
  • Dark circles and sagging appear under eyes.
  • Skin around nose is dry, red and irritated.

How to camouflage signs of a common cold?

With make-up, of course! Right techniques of applying make-up enable to camouflage dull complexion, this dry and reddened nose, watery eyes and dark circles under eyes. I hope, I’ll manage to show you this mighty power of make-up. It’s not about looking unnatural, yet good in spite of these adverse conditions and a runny nose šŸ™‚

Before applying make-up

If you’re sick, refrain from using skin tightening toners and mattifying creams because they can additionally irritate and dehydrate already sensitive skin. During sickness, dermis needs to be moisturised correctly. Therefore, it’s advisable to apply your favourite oil of hydrating features; for example, you can mix a cosmetic oil with a make-up primer. In my case, almond oil is the natural product which serves me well – I find it perfect to be used as a base, too. It’s worth realizing that some oils may have extra features like, for example, anti-inflammatory or anti-bacterial, therefore they should be used to treat skin when you are affected by a disease. How to camouflage red eyes? Obviously, there’s nothing much that regular a colour cosmetic may do, yet I suggest using moisturising eye drops. Definitely, they reduce redness of conjunctiva.

Making your face ready

If you are wondering how to hide signs of common cold, mainly focus on a foundation, a concealer and a powder. This is the trio which easily takes control over discolorations and dark circles. Furthermore, if you have caught a cold, reach for foundations that feature additional moisturising substances and have a lightweight formula. Powder should be mineral since it is important not to clog skin pores and let your skin breathe freely. In the case of a common cold, a topical concealer serves way better, so as does a light foundation (works better than a heavy camouflaging fluid). Despite our face featuring many imperfections, we have to apply colour cosmetics in moderation.

Eye make-up

If I were to suggest you something, I would say that you should limit eye make-up. Generally speaking, coating your lashes with a mascara and applying a thin line with an eyeliner should do. Remember that dark eye make-up emphasises all the sagging and dark circles even more. Therefore, reach for a beige eyeshadow and a mascara, yet only a waterproof one since it will survive this constantly watery eyes of yours. Also, it’s worth distributing a small quantity of a concealer that will camouflage the dark circles.

Don’t try to get yourself a party look while being sick. Make-up for affected by a common cold is just a mean of hiding skin imperfections, yet it must remain natural. In this case, moderation is advisable!

If you didn’t feel like reading my long disquisition on hiding signs of a common cold, I’ve prepared an abbreviated description of the ideas I mentioned. Here is the briefing especially for you.

Make-up that camouflages signs of a common cold (in 10 steps):

  1. Apply a light cream or a moisturising cosmetic oil to your face.
  2. Coat your lips with a moisturising protective balm.
  3. Apply a highlighting base (avoid eye skin area).
  4. Apply a concealer under your eyes.
  5. Even your skin tone using a camouflaging and highlighting foundation.
  6. Coat your eyelids with a matte and neutral eyeshadow.
  7. Coat the lashes with a waterproof mascara.
  8. Contour your cheekbones and sides of the nose with a bronzer.
  9. Dab your temples with a highlighter.
  10. Fix the entire make-up with a mineral powder.

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