How to fix makeup so it lasts the entire party?

Do you know any reliable methods to prolong the wear of makeup so as to make it look at the end of the party as good as it looked once you were leaving home? I’m going to tell you my techniques!

The thing with makeup is that it’s a little bit similar to clothes – it sometimes fades, wears away, the colour doesn’t stay true. Naturally, in both cases you can restore the fresh looks, but in my view, it’s definitely better to prevent such situations. The colors of our clothes won’t fade away if we add special fabric softener. And makeup? Well, there are many ways to fix this too.

Fixing party makeup

The truth is, it doesn’t matter that much if our regular daily makeup lasts long since in most cases it’s minimalistic (at least this applies to me and most women I know).

We start wondering how to extend lifespan of our makeup when we’re getting ready for an important party. The more colour cosmetics we apply and the more we buckle down to the final effect, the more we care for fixing what we’ve just created.

In the case of party makeup it’s about making it resistant to tough conditions that such situation generates – a lot of movement, high temperature, sweat and wiping makeup off e.g. at frequent scraping the hair back with the hand, when it falls right into the middle of our faces.

How to prolong makeup wear?

The easiest and the most frequently recommended methods relay on applying special fixing preparations (so-called fixers) or makeup bases/primers. Personally, I use them quite often when I’m preparing for an important event and I want my makeup to last as long as possible. What can I recommend?

The most popular cosmetics which prolong makeup wear are:

  1. Makeup base/primer – the first cosmetic that you should think about is a good makeup base. Just a sheer layer of the product is enough to make skin smooth and ready for the colour cosmetics. Makeup base improves hold of the beauty products and prevents mask effect.
  2. Transparent powder – a powder isn’t just a cosmetic that leaves skin matte and prevent this blemishing shine. It also works fine as a product prolonging makeup wear. You just need to dust your face with it, best if you use a fluffy powder puff so as to help makeup stay longer.
  3. Setting spray – before leaving for a party, you can give a try to apply a setting spray that is supposed to prolong makeup wear. This is an incredibly easy to use cosmetic that embraces face with a delicate mist. The atomizer facilitates the application, it’s very convenient. Setting spray let the colour cosmetics merge and extends lifespan of each one of them.
  4. Makeup fixer – the strongest weapon is makeup fixer, definitely. Some people also call it face spray. When sprayed, it adheres to face skin and creates an invisible layer that makes the entire makeup waterproof.

My ways to prolong makeup wear

Don’t worry because you can do without all these makeup fixers! There are plenty of ways to help your makeup stay flawless for long. Here are my tricks for maximally long-lasting makeup that remains untouched for the entire night.

Prior to the party care

I always try to emphasize this well enough: the lifespan of makeup depends on our skin condition.

It’s pretty obvious. If skin isn’t well-moisturized, you can either spot tiny dry skin flakes or it gets oily, so no type of makeup has a change to look good on such complexion. Well, at least at the beginning…

Therefore, a night before the party, take a little bit more care of your face skin. First, cleanse it thoroughly and apply either a coarse-grained or enzymatic peeling. Once you get rid of dead skin cells, the time for deep nourishment begins. Naturally, the best one in this case would be a moisturising mask, but you can also reach for a serum. It’s crucial to give your skin a vitamin kick owing to which it will become beautiful, smoothed out and even right in the morning.

Making skin ready for makeup

If you don’t have a makeup base, go with some other product. What in particular? There are many alternatives, but the most frequently I reach for:

  • natural aloe gel,
  • favorite moisturising cream,
  • a light oil, e.g. almond.

Just like makeup base, each of the suggested solutions gives skin smoothness, softness and hydration thanks to which makeup holds better and stays untouched longer. And this is what you want, right?

The right technique of applying makeup

Do you know that the right technique of applying makeup also influences its wearability? How to do it the right way?

The most important is to apply makeup using the right accessories. On daily basis, when we don’t have enough time, we can use our fingers to put on colour cosmetics, but on other situations, it’s not advisable. If you are getting ready for a party and you care for your makeup staying flawless for long, use brushes and sponges to apply it. Don’t smudge it on skin but stamp.

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