How about going on a date? With the help of ‘Date Night With Mr. Right’ kit by Benefit Cosmetics it’s bound to be lit!

Hello Girls!

Undoubtedly, date make-up is very important. After all, it’s our face that largely decides whether we are found attractive by the opposite sex, or not. Luckily, Benefit Cosmetics, Date Night With Mr. Right kit can help us in this difficult art of doing date make-up.

All the products by Benefit Cosmetics, which you might find useful for a date, are packed in a golden make-up bag. These are Watt’s Up highlighter, Rockateur blusher, They’re Real! mascara as well as a lipstick and a lipliner 2 w 1 They’re Real! Are the products really suitable for a date?

Cream highlighter Watt’s Up is one of the most easy-to-carry cosmetics comprising Date Night With Mr. Right kit. It has a stick form that goes with a sponge. I can use it even when I’m out. The highlighting particles the product contains make face more beautiful, deliver eye-enhancing effect and bring out all our face’s assets. This champagne-like shade of the product suits every skin tone. What’s more, cream highlighter Watt’s Up can be used in two ways: either as an individual product or as a make-up finish. While describing this product, I think it’s worth mentioning that it contains a few natural substances which nourish and moisturise skin. These ingredients are mica, silica, shea butter and natural pigments, to name just a few.

Date Night With Mr. Right kit also contains lipstick and lipliner 2 w 1 They’re Real!. The stick of the product was divided into two parts: with the aid of the pointy-ended part, you can outline the lips, with the remaining part – fill in the contour. The lipstick is available in a few shades of pink, purple and red. In my opinion, this beauty product blends with the lips’ shade, which is why, the entire make-up looks natural, and the mouth appears to be fuller. The last piece of information concerns the lifespan of this cosmetic. I managed to keep the lipstick on for 8 hours, which is fairly amazing achievement.

Instead of using Watt’s Up highlighter, you can go for Rockateur blusher. This cosmetic is closed in a golden box with lace motive on. Inside, you’re going to find a mirror and an applicator. This product is available only in one shade, golden rock’n’rose. The product has to be applied with a thin layer to cheekbones, bridge of the nose, tip of chin and temples. If you want to get more spectacular effect, add another layer of this cosmetic by Benefit Cosmetics.

They’re Real! mascara is the last item comprising Date Night With Mr. Right kit. It’s available in three shades: classic black, beyond brown and beyond blue. The mascara makes lashes bold, extended and curved. How to use Benefit Cosmetics mascara to obtain the professional look? Place the brush horizontally to the lashes and then apply a zig-zag motion to coat them. Add as many layers as you want to.

Your date make-up is ready!

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