Powder to WASH your face with. Does it work?

Powder facial cleansers are novelties that I’ve come across fairly recently and, naturally, I had to order one for myself straight away. I tested it and I decided to share my thoughts about this product with you, and this is where the idea for today’s entry comes from.

Are you curious whether powder facial cleanser really works? Keep reading to find out!

I’d describe my face skin as slightly problematic. It’s hard for me to choose the right cleansing cosmetic that won’t leave my skin irritated. I guess, it isn’t possible to count all the gels, foams, mousses and soaps that I used. In light of this, don’t be surprised that once I heard about powder facial cleanser, I just got one for myself. They promised that it will be gentle. Was it true? You’ll find out soon πŸ™‚


Natural powder facial cleanser is a novelty that is recommended to wash delicate, sensitive and irritation-prone skin. It’s a really gentle cosmetic of powder texture. It displays wonderful cleansing and refreshing properties.


Definitely, we’re used to the fact that everything which cleanses has liquid, gel or oily consistency. It must be ‘wet.’ That’s why powder facial cleanser intrigues from the very start. Because how something that is loose is supposed to wash skin? The powder itself won’t clean the skin, that’s true.

However, it must be combined with either water or herbal distillate… and the magic begins! Actually, already when in contact with dampen skin it turns into thick lather that perfectly takes off everything that shouldn’t be on the face. What in particular?


We can see that there is a growing number of powder facial cleansers on the market. The high quality ones:

  • free skin from the excess of sebum;
  • normalize the work of oily glands;
  • unclog skin pores and have an astringent effect;
  • remove other impurities from face;
  • delicately exfoliate and smooth skin out;
  • eliminate harmful toxins.

How to apply powder facial cleanser? Contrary to the expectations, it’s really simple. In order to wash your face skin, you have to pick up a small amount of the powder and massage it into skin using circular motions. Keep massaging until the powder transforms into lather and go on for a few more moments. At the end, rinse your face and you are good to go.

Naturally, you can prepare a kind of cleansing gel using the powder on your own. All you have to do is put the powder into a separate container, add clean water or herbal distillate and then wash your face with this mixture (as usual). However, I think that this method is more time-consuming.


What can be found in the composition of powder facial cleanser? Naturally, it all depends on the brand but in most cases these are the following ingredients:

  • white clay of cleansing properties that is recognized for its nourishing, smoothing out and exfoliating properties;
  • oat flour that displays toning, nourishing and soothing properties;
  • lavender oil which is responsible for disinfecting skin, it’s antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, additionally it smells wonderful;
  • sodium bicarbonate which is a well-known cleansing agent;
  • other natural clays that condition skin.

How to prepare you own powder facial cleanser? It’s simple. You don’t need more than just three ingredients and willingness. And some nice-looking jar where you can store your powder facial cleanser.

The essential ingredients to create powder facial cleanser:

  • 30 g oat flour,
  • 25 g white clay,
  • 5-10 drops of essential oil.

You can replace minced oat flour with minced oat flakes. When it comes to the essential oil, you can choose any type you like. The most important here is white clay because without it the powder won’t serve its purpose. If you collect all the ingredients, you can mix them and use as I described above.

How do you like this idea?

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