My Hair Before & After Nanoil Hair Oil Treatment. What Are the Effects?

Time for the review of the next hair oil that came in my collection. The product definitely stands out from other oils I have already tested. It is irreplaceable in an in-depth and intensive repair treatment. It is based on natural components and has a mind-blowing scent. Do you know Nanoil hair oils matching hair porosity?


Nanoils are three innovative products. Why three? This is the number of the existing types of hair porosity. That is why we can choose between three deep and effective oil treatments:

  • Nanoil for high porosity hair (damaged),
  • Nanoil for medium porosity hair (frizzy),
  • Nanoil for low porosity hair (lacking volume).

What makes Nanoil different from other products I have used? First of all, the thing already mentioned – matching hair structure. This is what makes the cosmetic unique. Second of all, the composition which is a blend of the best quality natural oils, conditioning substances, hair growth and anti-hair loss ingredients. You will not find parabens or silicones among the components. Apart from naturalness, the product looks very very tasteful.

nanoil for colour-treated hair high porosity


I chose the oil for high porosity hair because – as I read on the official website – it is perfect for bleached and colour-treated hair. It seems logical. Hair is over-processed due to regular chemical treatments and its structure is damaged. Even if we have our hair coloured in a hair salon with safe hair dyes.

Would you like to know how my hair used to look and looks now?

• Before the treatment, my hair was dull, coarse, very unruly. I struggled with three serious problems. My hair used to be damaged – prone to splitting; I was forced to visit my hairdresser for trimming. I used to lose scary amounts of hair. It was brittle due to the weak condition. To make things worse, I used to have a problem with styling a hairdo and smoothing frizzy and straw-like hair.

• After the treatment, my hair finally regained health. It is luminous more than ever. Thinning is no longer my problem; I lose normal quantities of hair. I finally see my hair grows much faster! What is more, it is very elastic, soft and strong so I can style it the way I planned. The oil defines the natural curl so I do not need a curling iron. Although I still have my hair coloured, its colour is intense, my hairdo is bouncy and simply healthy.

nanoil best oil for my hair

Do you need more info on Nanoil for high porosity hair?

What oils does it include?

The oil for high porosity hair is the combination of six vegetable oils (Sweet Almond, Argan, Evening Primrose, Cottonseed, Maracuja, Avocado) with eight extra ingredients (vitamin E, silk, lanolin, panthenol, keratin, sunscreen, anti-hair loss Kerastim, growth boosting Baicapil). The composition is truly rich and natural, which is reflected by the effects of using the oil.

What are the fragrance and formula?

The delicate and natural aroma seduces the senses so it is hard to stop applying the oil! I feel like soaking myself in the velvety formula of a wonderful scent. Luckily, it is unnecessary – you need 1-2 pumps to cover the hair and scalp. Nanoil hair oil has a lightweight consistency. It is very easy to spread and quickly absorbed. It does not weigh hair down.

How to use?

This repair treatment for damaged hair should be used in a way to intensify the effects as much as possible. What is the recommended method? Oiling damp hair for the whole night and washing the oil off in the morning. I use Nanoil this way but sometimes I make the whole treatment shorter – I rub it into the scalp and hair 30-60 minutes before washing. However it is logical – the longer you leave the oil in, the better results you get.

Nanoil effect before and after


I believe that one must pay a suitable price for the quality so Nanoil is not an expensive oil. The price is justified as the product fulfils many tasks and works deeply, not only on the hair surface like other pseudo oils. Besides, it is all-natural whereas its vegetable oil blends are not randomly chosen – they are precisely composed. Another plus for the mind-blowing fragrance, lightweight formula and beautiful bottle!

Would I buy Nanoil again? YES <3

18 Comments “My Hair Before & After Nanoil Hair Oil Treatment. What Are the Effects?”

  1. Monique

    I got this oil as a present from my friend, it was for high porosity hair. I started using it out of curiosity (until now, I’ve only experimented with castor oil once). I really regret not taking any before, during and after treatment photos because the improvement is just unbelievable. Finally, I have smooth, shiny hair instead of dull shredded strands. I have very little oil left but I’ll definitely buy another bottle. I had no idea that hair oiling can be so beneficial

  2. @gnes

    Hair oiling is the best! There is nothing more effective. just match the oil to your hair type and wait a little for the effects

  3. KayaP

    I have bleached hair and strengthen it on a daily basis so it looks just the way you descrbed yours from before the treatment. Maybe I should start applying this oil as well? coconut oil did not help neither did conditioners and masks, the hair is still dull and rough. I cannt give up on the flat iron tho

  4. sunset999

    I started oiling my hair with flaxseed oil and at first, the hair literally drunk up the oil! I applied it to dry hair and left it in throughout the night. After a while it had enough so I changed the oil to this one and a month was enough to improve the hair’s condition. I cannot imagine my hair care routies without applying this oil

  5. AnNn

    I managed to go from high porosity to medium. I am still applying oils and straightening but now the hair is more resistant to high temp.

  6. Malawe

    I’ve been waiting for this review on your blog! <3 Thanks! I've heard about it before and wanted to buy it but for me the price is a bit too high. I'll buy it as soon as I save up some money, of course, I agree with you that you must pay more for the quality.

  7. MaggieTheBlogger

    Will I buy it in a drugstore? I really want to sell it first. Yes, I know what you wanna say but I am really sensitive to scents and I only tolerate the good ones;) that’s why I couldn’t use argan oil even tho I know how great it works, not only hair care-wise

    • Sylvie

      I think it’s only available online although I heard that some hair stylists use it in their salon

  8. moomin

    It’s a shame but I must confess that only recently I heard about hair porosity and conscious hair casre methods. I am guessing there’s a lot to left to learn in this subject because I’m not entirely sure what’s my hair type. I think it’s somewhere between high and medium porosity and I don’t know which oil to choose

    • Abigaillll

      you can find a very clear description on the nanoil’s website, there’s also a hair porosity test you can take online. It’s very important that you know your hair really well before purchaing the oil. Also, there are many other test to determine hair porosity, for instance the water test, googe it;) nevertheless, I’d say you should go for the medium porosity one

  9. Soovka

    I often run out of time to leave the oil in the hair longer but I try to apply it at leat once a week and run it through the scalp as well. I wrap the hair in a towel wash out in the morning. after this type of treatment, the hair is perfectly nourished

  10. Nellie

    I love what coconut oil does to my hair but I know that for girls with high porosity hair it won’t do any good

    • CaroCaroline

      well, yeas, coconut oil is good for thick and heavy hair but in general, natural oils ale the best products for hair. there’s nothing else as effective

  11. Olga123

    I checked out the comosition of this oil and it really is impressing! Why am I hearing about it just now??? Thanks for the review!:*

  12. pinky

    I haven’t heard about it before as well. For the past year, I’ve been using Redken but after your post I really want to try out something new ;)))

  13. Mila

    I saw the price and I must say that for me it’s way too much money as for a hair oil

    • Soovka

      it was a huge amount of money for me as well but my friend had it before and one bottle lasted for a few months so I think it’s actually really worth the price. If you wanted to buy all these oils separately, you’d have to pay thousands

  14. Claire

    enjoy testing! I am sure you’ll fall in love with it too 🙂


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