Am I Big on Waterproof Mascaras? When Waterpoof Products Come in Handy?

Hello my dear ladies!

Today, I want to focus on SEEMINGLY obvious things. I’m sure many of you have and use a waterproof mascara. Do you use it on a daily basis? Most women do, actually. We like to lean towards longer-lasting products, resistant to water, humidity, tears, rubbing – the ones that last untouched for long hours. We feel confident and know there won’t be any unpleasant surprises in our flawless makeup. Yeah, that sounds cool, especially when speaking of mascaras. However, have you ever thought of the dark sides of this kind of makeup? Yes, it does have the dark side. I’d like to explain that today and tell you what I actually make of waterproof mascaras.

Should you use a waterproof mascara?

The best answer is a little vague… It depends. However, you’re not here to get some unclear answers so I’m going to explain it in detail.

Waterproof mascara – when it makes a good choice?

Generally speaking, it’s a good idea to have one in your beauty bag. There are situations when a waterproof product is a must and nothing will top it. The situations include:

  • watching a touching melodrama with your beloved one;
  • tears of happiness (e.g. when your child takes part in a school performance);
  • tears of sadness (ranging from a broken nail, no clothes your size on sale to the extreme cases such as funeral);
  • swimming pool or sunbathing;
  • events requiring an unflawed look including a wedding, family celebrations or important public speaking.

When NOT to use a waterproof mascara and why I don’t recommend it?

Waterproofness, that is increased durability, is cool but you must remember that you pay a high price for this feature and I don’t mean the money. What are the downsides of a waterproof mascara?

  1. Most of all, it is really hard to remove. Young skin under the eyes isn’t largely affected by the rubbing but you’re going to see the difference after several years – your skin loses elasticity due to intensive rubbing motion and tugging the skin during makeup removal. If you regularly use a waterproof mascara, the structure of the epidermis may worsen hugely. The effect? Deep wrinkles appearing too soon.
  2. A waterproof mascara – as I’ve already mentioned – requires intensive makeup removal, which means you lose more lashes and weaken them and their bulbs because of physical damage .
  3. A waterproof mascara requires the use of stronger removers which often irritate gentle around-eye skin, cause dryness and they are far from skin care.
  4. A waterproof mascara has pretty unfriendly ingredients. I know it’s just lashes… but they actually enhance your entire makeup and make you look feminine. After all, long, gorgeous, astonishing lashes is a dream of every coquette 🙂
  5. It’s harder to keep a waterproof mascara wand clean so after 2-3 weeks it gathers dry clumps of the product.

Can such arguments go unnoticed? Thinking of the possible skin irritation and lash damage, I’m against using a waterproof mascara regularly, especially when you consider that non-waterproof mascaras can often boast about impressive durability, and the best ones contain lash-conditioning ingredients.

Do you use waterproof mascaras? What’s your opinion?

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