My way to combat cellulite. What’s dry body brushing?

Cellulite happens to be a truly troublesome beauty problem and I’m perfectly aware of that. We try to combat this skin blemish using various methods, however, despite the strenuous efforts put into the fight, orange peel doesn’t want to say goodbye to us.

In order to make our skin ready to fight cellulite back, we need to find out what are the causes of orange peel. From the medical point of view, cellulite is a microcirculation disorder emerging by encouraging uneven distribution of fatty tissue that keeps spreading and affecting many skin areas. The most frequently it touches breasts, belly and thighs. There are various causes of cellulite, which include indirect factors that disturb blood circulation and slow down the process of removing toxins from organism.

What are the most common causes of cellulite?

  1. Sedentary lifestyle and lack of physical activity which is strictly connected with this.
  2. Excessive consumption of sugar and salt.
  3. Problems with blood circulation and various circulatory system ailments.
  4. Frequent wearing of tight clothes.
  5. Compulsive cigarette smoking and taking other drugs.
  6. Even a faulty posture that disturb blood circulation of legs.

Ways of fighting orange peel depend on the stage the problem is currently at. It’s worth bearing in mind that the faster we introduce positive changes in our lifestyle, the faster we will say goodbye to cellulite. How to get rid of cellulite? First and foremost, I suggest you to take up various forms of physical activity such as jogging, Pilates or even a skipping rope. Secondly, changes introduced into your diet will be also beneficial: eat less salt that is responsible for keeping water in organism. Thirdly, you can stimulate blood flow by treating your skin with hot and cold water alternatively. It’s worth applying anti-cellulite products, the ones which feature active substances targeting the very beauty problem. Undoubtedly, methods of dealing with cellulite are various. I think I’ve already tested most of them. Today, I’d like to tell you about one of them, which is considered as the most popular: home anti-cellulite massage.


Delicate massage might appear to be more than just a treatment that gifts us with a divine moment of relaxation. I recommend it mostly because of the amazing effects it brings out – I can confirm this myself. Dry body brushing is the perfect solution if our problem is cellulite. Regular dry body brushing makes that:

  • skin becomes more supple;
  • cellulite becomes considerably less visible;
  • blood circulation is accelerated;
  • toxins are removed from organism;
  • dead epidermis cells are removed;
  • cosmetics are absorbed better.

Dry Body Brushing – Advantages

How does it work? Dry body brushing procedure, of course if you use the appropriate accessories, is a method of stimulating lymphatic system. It’s the very system in our body responsible for removing toxins so its improved performance results in better body purification. Also, the procedure stimulates blood circulation so waste products of metabolism do no longer accumulate in cells of our body. All things considered, it can be stated that dry body brushing is a way for detoxifying organism.

What is directly connected with this, body cell metabolism is changed. To demonstrate, toxins don’t cumulate, for example, in fatty tissue and, thanks to this, fatty cells stop growing and spreading. And this is how you can prevent cellulite. Moreover, owning to regular dry body brushing, we break fatty tissue which has managed to gather in problematic body parts. In other words, dry body brushing enables us to distribute fat tissue evenly and this equals effective cellulite removal.

Furthermore, there are other very important bright sides of dry body brushing that have to be mentioned. Firstly, thanks to this procedure, we get rid of dead epidermis cells so we don’t have to apply peelings. Therefore, skin becomes not only more supple but also smoother and more radiant. Secondly, all the cosmetics applied after dry body brushing (balms, oils) are absorbed way better since the skin is already warmed-up. Also, the process of delivering nourishing substances (particular cosmetics contain) to cells is improved. To sum up, owning to dry body brushing, every cosmetic works better.

Dry Body Brushing – Important Rules

From the body care point of view, the most popular and the most beneficial is dry body brushing. Although there are more methods to remove cellulite, this one is the least time-consuming. Moreover, this procedure doesn’t require making use of additional cosmetics and is considered as a very simple to conduct home treatment.

All you need though, are the appropriate accessories. What brush should we use to carry out the procedure? The best would be a brush made of natural bristle, the one which will be the most suitable for dealing with cellulite and won’t irritate the delicate skin of ours during massaging. Moreover, make sure that the brush you use to dry body brushing is made of wood and features massaging insets between the bristle. Basically, there are two types of body brushes available: some have a long shaft, the others can be put on a hand. The decision which one to buy is up to you because the shape of a brush influences only the convenience of use, not the effects.

How to make your skin ready for brushing? This stage is as important as the selection of accessories used for the procedure. First and foremost, we have to make the brush clean. Secondly, as the name speaks for itself, the entire procedure is carried out dry, so you shouldn’t apply any balms, oils nor other cosmetics to your skin. Thirdly, it’s best to perform dry body brushing before taking a bath or shower, when our skin is dry. Thanks to this, it will be easier to wash down the residues of dead epidermis cells afterwards.

Ways of Brushing Your Body

How to do it? Here is my step by step manual. Despite being a very simple procedure, dry body brushing should be carried out by following particular rules in order to obtain the best effects. I’m going to do my best to describe how to perform this procedure.

  1. The motions should be long, sliding and always heading heart.
  2. It’s a good idea to start massaging delicately and gradually make the motions more intensive.
  3. Body brushing can start from arms to head shoulders afterwards.
  4. The same rule applies to leg massaging: brush feet first, then move upwards reaching thighs.
  5. The most delicate motions have to be applied to belly and chest.
  6. Circular motions has to be applied to joints and lymph nodes.
  7. Obviously, omit varicose veins, wounded areas and irritated body parts.

Do you have any questions connected with Dry Body Brushing? Tell me!

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