Burberry Gift Set. Which cosmetics did I found in Beauty Box Festive?


Recently, into my lap has dropped Beauty Box Festive by Burberry. Such boxes with mini products inside are really cool because you can get a few iconic products by a particular brand for a tiny sum. What did I found in my Gift Set? Enjoy reading.

Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base

First of all, the set features base Nude Radiance 01. To be honest, this base is a kind of a 2in1 cosmetic; it is also a highlighter. As you can see, this product has many features. To clarify, it smooths and evens skin tone, camouflages skin imperfections and adds shine to skin. Basically, I think that the base can be used even instead of a foundation, especially if your skin imperfections aren’t that visible. How did I use Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base by Burberry? Once I applied it to my entire face, the other time I put it only on particular face parts. When I used the product to my cheekbones, bridge of the nose and Cupid’s bow, my face looked radiant and I found it luminized just beautifully.

Burberry Cat Lashes mascara

Beauty Box Festive set also includes mascara of deep black colour. This product curls, extends and adds body to eyelashes. A brush is said to be developed to separate and coat each lash individually. Owning to this feature, eye make-up is not only easy to apply but also precise. Bristle of the brush is of various lengths, thanks to which, it reaches the shortest and thinnest eyelashes. My favourite way to do eyes is coating the upper lashes first using zig-zag motion, and then coat the lower eyelashes. After that, I set a brush horizontally and treat the lashes only with the tip of the wand.

Lip Velvet Damson lipstick

The set by Burberry also contains Lip Velvet Damson lipstick of Oxblood shade. This wondrous fuchsia fits into work make-up as well as evening make-up. This cosmetic delivers matte finish, covers the lips with a pigment very precisely and it’s easy to distribute on lips. Cream consistency of the product makes lips look really natural and helps them remain moisturised for long. I would also like to add that while applying Lip Velvet Damson I didn’t use any lip liner. All I needed was the very lipstick and I was truly satisfied with the effect obtained.

Eye Colour Glow eyeshadows

The last cosmetic that belongs to Beauty Box Festive set are Eye Colour Glow eyeshadows of a marvellous Gold Pearl colour. The box of this cosmetic features a mirror and a sponge applicator. The eyeshadows are characterised by their cream formula and having shimmering particles. I used this cosmetic not only to do my eyes but also as a highlighter (I applied under eyebrow bone, on my cheekbones, above upper lip and to my nose).

What about you, Girls? Have you ever used some of Burberry cosmetics?

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