The Best Brow Mascaras Reviews. I Found Perfect Eyebrow Product!

Hey there! I’d love you to read my roundup of the best eyebrow mascaras because I’ve finally found my perfect brow product. Wasn’t easy, though! I tested many and finally picked out the ones that really wowed me. In today’s post, I want to share names of top brow mascaras and the ones that will help you achieve the most fabulous results. Believe me, these brow products rock!

How to Use Brow Mascara?

This may seem a child’s play yet many girls have problems with using it. Here are the most common questions I’ve come across: Should I comb through brows before applying brow mascara? Should I apply more than one coating? Should I brush them upwards or to the side? Many of you ask such questions but don’t worry. I’ll clear everything up. First of all, I definitely recommend brushing through brows with a clean brush to remove makeup that settles on brow hair.

As far as application of a brow mascara goes, it’s very simple: we need to comb the brows into the desired position. I usually brush mine following the direction of their growth. To get more definition, I reapply the mascara after a moment. Done!

The Best Brow Mascaras Ranking

Keep reading for the best brow mascaras. Before I share the reviews, let me tell you about the criteria I followed. Obviously, I considered many things such as the price and size, how long a product lasts as well as what colors it comes in and how long it stays put. The texture is the most important; I want a precise product and a clump-free mascara. A brush applicator matters as well and it must be properly shaped and precise. Without further ado, check out my favorite brow mascaras!

1. Nanobrow Shape Mascara

best brow mascara

Size: 7 ml

The best brow mascara? I ranked the Nanobrow Shape Mascara most highly because it works best on my eyebrows. I believe it is one of the best brow mascaras on the market and I know I’m not the only one to think so. Lots of girls love it. You can check it by typing in Nanobrow mascara reviews in your browser.

I love its precision ergonomic brush which coats the brows evenly, plus the lovely colors, texture, one tube lasting long, and beautiful makeup looks. When I want a subtle brow look, I apply two coats tops, and I add more if I need a more dramatic makeup. This is a clump-free mascara so you can apply more product worry-free. I also love the price! The best eyebrow mascara I’ve had so far!

Eyebrow mascara benefits

  • It has a great price and top quality.
  • The product has been formulated with attention to detail, creating lovely brow makeup looks without clumping.
  • The brush is the best thing about this brow mascara.
  • The Nanobrow Shape Mascara is super long-wear so I’m always sure of flawless brow makeup.
  • Nanobrow’s eyebrow mascara comes in lovely colors looking natural yet intense.
  • It creates wow results, making brows look thicker and bolder.
  • You can buy it easily online.

Eyebrow mascara downsides

  • If you’ve never applied a brow mascara then it may take a little longer first, but I guarantee it will become one of the most enjoyable things fast.

2. Dior Diorshow On Set Brow

brow mascara reviews

Size: 5 ml

I really like this brow mascara because it contains 90 percent of natural ingredients. On the other hand, are the ingredients worth paying a high price if it isn’t a long-wear brow mascara? To be honest, I was surprised because the brand is regarded as prestigious. The product has a classic brush which may be problematic for some because it tends to clump hairs together. There are four colors and a clear version looking like a brow gel, not mascara.

Eyebrow mascara benefits

  • Lots of natural substances.
  • Brow-conditioning panthenol and biotin.
  • Quite good for styling and holding brows in place.

Eyebrow mascara downsides

  • Comes in a small tube and runs out fast.
  • Costs a lot.

3. BENEFIT Gimme Brow

benefit gimme brow reviews

Size: 3 g

It used to be my number one brow mascara. It was a long time ago when I didn’t know much about makeup. Now I don’t like brushes like this one, but I decided to include the product in my roundup. I guess I’m just being sentimental. I’m not a fan of overly bold brows looking cartoonish, but this brow mascara may be good for evening makeup looks. Summing up, if you’re big on natural-looking brows, then you won’t like this brow product. On the other hand, I like it for a variety of colors, there are ten hues. When picking one out for the first time, I suggest consulting a makeup artist before purchase.

Brow mascara benefits

  • Interesting formula (microfibers).
  • Amazing brow-thickening effects.
  • Long-wear, waterproof brow mascara.
  • As many as ten colors.

Brow mascara downsides

  • The brush clumps hairs together.
  • Picking the right color may be problematic.
  • I think this brow mascara has an off-putting price.

4. Kiko Eyebrow Fibers Coloured Mascara

kiko mascara

Size: 4.2 ml

There must be something in the mascaras which include fibers because they’re extremely popular these days. I don’t know what makes them so wanted because I know from experience that such brow mascaras fail to be precise and they become much thicker after a few weeks, which results in bad makeup. However, if I were asked to recommend a brow mascara with fibers, then I would say this one is worth testing. This isn’t my favorite brow mascara but you may like it. I like the colors but the brows look extremely glossy.

Eyebrow mascara benefits

  • Nice colors, variety.
  • Quite a big mascara tube.

Eyebrow mascara downsides

  • Overly bold brows.
  • The brow mascara may cause clumping.
  • Not long-wear.
  • The brush isn’t easy to maneuver.
  • Too much glossiness.
  • I used up this brow mascara fast.

5. Lancome Sourcils Styler Brow

lancome brow mascara review

Size: 6.5

This brow mascara comes in a large tube and has a comfortable brush, which makes it a popular pick among influencers. Is it good value for money though? It does create very nice and elegant makeup looks, however, my roundup clearly shows we can achieve similar results spending much less money. The brush is definitely the thing I like about this brow mascara; it helps me take control of the brows fast. It’s the most suitable for those who are pressed for time in the morning. It is the only brow mascara in my ranking to have a silicone brush.

Brow mascara benefits

  • Unique silicone brush, good for styling the brows.
  • This brow mascara comes in nice colors.

Brow mascara downsides

  • There’s no color for women with dark brows.
  • Thickening and volume-boosting effects are barely noticeable.
  • This brow mascara is pricey.

The Best Brow Mascara. Reviews and Ranking Summary

My ranking is finished, but I believe your adventures with eyebrow mascaras have just begun! I hope the roundup will help you pick out the best eyebrow mascara. Which one is your favorite? Have you chosen a brow mascara that will be a part of your beauty kit? I also hope I showed you that a quality eyebrow product doesn’t need to cost a fortune!

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