How to contour face with ‘Naked Skin’ concealer by Urban Decay?


Face contouring is a good way to take years off, hide face flaws and bring out its assets. However, in order to exert this effect, you need to have at your disposal the right cosmetics. Definitely, one of such ‘tools’ is Naked Skin concealer by Urban Decay. How I use it to gift my face with the right shape?

Concealer as your second skin

Naked Skin melts into skin tone which makes it almost invisible. The cosmetic available in eight shades, each of them matching every type of complexion. We can choose from: Fair Neutral, Light Warm, Light Neutral, Medium Light Neutral, Medium Neutral, Medium Dark Warm, Fair Warm and Medium Light Warm. The concealer by Urban Decay delivers good imperfection camouflage and semi-matte effect that can be described as delicately highlighting, as well. Owning to this product, you can easily even skin tone, hide discolorations and dark circles under eyes as well as shape the face. Depending on how much your skin imperfections are easy to notice, you may need just one or a few layers of the concealer.

What does Naked Skin by Urban Decay contain?

This cosmetic features, among others, lichee extract and hyaluronic acid. Thanks to these two substances skin is moisturised and nourished, also applying make-up becomes surprisingly easier. Lichee extract contains many vitamins, microelements and fatty acids as well as proteins, fibre and carbohydrates. The second ingredient, hyaluronic acid, appears in a human organism naturally. Shortage of this substance results in wrinkles, discolorations and dryness of skin.

How to contour face with Naked Skin by Urban Decay?

Application of the cosmetic is noticeably facilitated thanks to a soft and precise applicator. When it happens that I wake up with dark circles and swellings under my eyes, I apply Naked Skin to the very places only. However, when I’m getting ready for work, or when I have an important meeting scheduled, I pay more attention to make-up. I use the concealer to shape my face by slightly slimming it down and camouflaging the imperfections. Let me remind you the basic rule of face contouring: light colour emphasizes, dark shade masks.

How about you, girls? Which cosmetics do you use to shape your face?

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