Nanolash – Best Eyelash Serum! The Winner of my Plebiscite

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I’m sure you’re waiting for eyelash serum reviews. I know lots of you are interested in these cosmetics. Such tests require some time and effort, though. Luckily, I’m equipped with the knowledge, experience and (let me brag) beautiful eyelashes. From now on you don’t need to go round looking for the best eyelash serum and can already start growing up-to-the-sky long lashes as I found a praiseworthy eyelash conditioner. Nanolash serum is a real hit, the cosmetic enigma that leaves all other serums behind. I value Nanolash not only for growing very VERY long lashes quickly but also for the short and substantive list of ingredients as well as cost-effectiveness. First things first…

Nanolash – first impressions

Nanolash – first impressions & first use

The serum has a beautiful design whereas the packaging is very solid. It is not plastic that breaks or rubs off. A durable tube and a precise brush made from soft and flexible bristles that don’t bend in different directions or fall out even after long months of use. It’s one of the assets that other eyelash serums fail to have. After all, the application – with a high-quality brush – is extremely important, especially to those of you who haven’t had an eyelash serum before. If there’s a poor-quality brush, the serum may get into your eyes. Nanolash comes with a great and user-friendly brush which makes the application very easy. The product absorbs quickly which matters a lot, too. I used to have serums that would need 15 minutes or more to soak into the skin so I had no idea what to do… go to sleep? Read a book? Not blinking would be the best solution 😉 I was non-stop worried that the serum would drip into my eyes. It’s different with Nanolash. The cosmetic quickly reaches bulbs and the skin is dry after a moment. That’s why I can use it in the morning – one stroke of the brush and I can apply make-up after a while.

Nanolash – first use

Nanolash after two weeks

Most serums fail to give results as quickly. Surprisingly, I saw effects of using Nanolash after just two weeks. To be honest, my lashes were darker, a bit shinier and voluminous at the beginning of the third week. It looked like they got stronger and were getting prepared for the next stage 🙂

Nanolash after four weeks

The fourth week was game-changing. I noticed considerable extension on both upper and lower lash line. The mix of the ‘new’ volume and the intense colour was stunning. My eyelashes got strengthened, too. They stopped falling out during make-up removal or when I rub my lids (such a habit I have). They were so lengthened and curled up that I started wondering if the serum could surprise me with anything. And it did…

Nanolash application

Nanolash after six weeks

An extremely positive surprise – new, tiny baby lashes on my eyelids!!! The lash line got fuller and darker so my eyes are now defined and expressive. I was stunned because I knew the tiny lashes would grow longer and I will enjoy a fan of long and thick eyelashes.
Nanolash before and after
That is what happened next! I’m in the eighth week of treatment and have very long, very VERY voluminous, dark, healthy and shiny lashes. I was enchanted as the serums I used to have didn’t condition my eyelashes the way Nanolash does. After using some other enhancers, I saw no difference in the appearance and condition. Most of all, I warn you against buying the cheapest products and the ones filled with too many nutrients e.g. keratin. For example, Rapidlash or Revitalash didn’t work for me at all, let alone dirt-cheap serums that were made-in-China or something 🙁 I had to give up on most of them almost immediately due to itchy eyelids or red lash line. Only Nanolash did on my lashes and eyelids the way it should. That’s why I will stay faithful to this serum forever and ever 🙂

Nanolash the best eyelash serum

Have you used any eyelash serums? Share your thoughts as soon as you try out Nanolash – I’m looking forward to your observations on the effects. Take care 🙂

17 Comments “Nanolash – Best Eyelash Serum! The Winner of my Plebiscite”

  1. supergirl

    Revolutionary conditioner! My friend recommended it to me instead of extensions. She damaged hers with extensions and started to use conditioner to regenerate them and besides the fact that are beautifully regenerated are so long, longer than she ever had. I use it for month and love effects.

  2. Joan

    I know this serum for a long time now :)makes lashes sper long! I’m currently on the second bottle and I apply it 3 times a week, top, just to maintain effects. Lashes are stronger. Before every time I removed make-up there were always few lashes on the cotton pad, now there’s no falling out.

  3. AnGel

    I waited for such review I dreamed of longer lashes but extensions were always out of question cause I don’t want to waste money for the temporary effect,(not to mention lashes), but I was sort of scared of this conditioners. It seemed to me that with such a intense action, irritation is guaranteed. I will definitely try it! 😀

    • Margaret

      Not all of them are this gentle, I came across a blog where it said that this one is great for pleople prone to allergies.

      • J,Julia

        I used few different conditioners and this one is the most gentle. No irritations, redness, not like it happened with other more expensive conditioners.

  4. Gaby90

    I had results even sooner- on the third week I noticed my lashes to be longer. Great serum 😀

  5. violet

    I have it. Before I had revitalash and after finished treatment I had longer break and in this time my lashes went back to their normal length ( or should I say shortness) and since I had money shortage, I read opinions and get nanolash and let me tell’ya that I love it. It seems that it worked even faster than revitalash and lashes are evenly long. I know i’m going to stick with this serum.

    • Donna

      For me both worked same, no difference whatsoever.

    • Camilla G.

      Rapidlash didn’t work for me so for now I doen’t use anything, though this review is tempting me to buy this serum ;D

  6. candy9

    had similar with some cheap conditioner,don’t remember how mush did it cost but I used it just couple of times cause eyelid skin was red and irritated and this itching. Nothing good.

  7. Annie

    My personal choice as well, I use it for over a year.

  8. em

    I used castor oil and my lashes were also stronger and more dense. The good old way and it costs little to nothing.

  9. fit.freak

    I was looking for the best conditioner for eyelashes growth because I wanted false lashes effect and I found nanolash website. All the promises came true ;D after over 2 months my lashes were long and dense. Even stronger than usually. I tend to rub my eyes pretty often so a lot eyelashes were then falling out, now there’s nothing of this sort.

  10. Alexi25

    To me its still a lot of money as for an eyelash conditioner.

  11. Serenaa@

    I heard only the good staff about this serum as well 😀 i’m lucky when it comes to eyelashes cause mine are naturally long and thick., but if ever for any reason they will be weaker I will for sure try this serum ;D

  12. Margoo

    where can I buy it? I have never seen it in any drugstore..

    • Annie

      you can get it online, I saw it in few online stores but I got mine directly from the nanolash website.


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