Natural Makeup Removal – Methods, Opinions, Tips

Hey, girls! <3

My today’s post may bring a little skincare revolution to the beauty routine of some of you.

I’m going to change the point of view, show new paths and pave the way when it comes to the makeup removal.

Why not?

A makeup removal which means:

NO irritation

NO allergic reactions

NO comedogenic action

NO dryness

NO disturbance of the hydro-lipid skin coat?

Isn’t this option better than the traditional one?

Regular and popular makeup removers often fail to remove all products and impurities. To make things worse, they tend to clog the skin pores.

Natural makeup removal gathers all impurities and… women’s good reviews and opinions. 🙂 That’s why I’d like to present 5 brilliant methods which oppose the ‘regular’ makeup removal with a milk, micellar water or (beware) a soap. Read, think, evaluate – one of the methods may prove to be a saver for you 🙂 Voila!


The name sounds strange but it’s simply about removing makeup with the old, good oil (Oil Cleansing Method). This method uses the benefits of natural oils. It works in accordance with the longtime physics laws – oil dissolves oil. Natural oils don’t only effectively clear the face of foundations, greasy eyeshadows, lipsticks and other beautifiers but also condition the skin and wash the dirt and sebum away. For the OCM, you’re going to need… an oil and a special cloth for wiping the skin. There are special kits – an oil and cloth… How can you say no to OCM?


Soap? SOAP? FOR MAKEUP REMOVAL?! – you might ask me

It’s not just any drugstore soap which has little to do with the soap.

I mean the African Dudu-Osun Soap which… is simply wonderful. It washes waterproof products off. You still don’t believe in the black (fine… very dark brown) soap? So check out the ingredients:

Shea Butter, Aloe, Cocoa, Palm Oil, Honey and Red Sandal Tree



Yep, another soap! Encouraged by the Dudu-Osun, you may trust this makeup removal method more. Aleppo Soap comes from Syria and it was first used by the Phoenicians. Interestingly, the soap is still hand-made in the city of Aleppo. An original Syrian soap floats on water instead of sinking. It may boast about the long tradition and perfect composition: Aleppo Soap is exclusively made up of plants. Natural oils (usually, Lauric Oil or Olive Oil) make up its base. Feel free to use the product for the evening makeup removal. Good news: Aleppo removes even strong, evening makeup and additionally conditions and controls sebum secretion in the oily, acne-prone skin. Men like to use the soap for shaving and even hair washing (Aleppo Soap is a great dandruff buster).


A very interesting invention. A makeup removing glove is made from special micro fibres and it’s hypoallergenic. It’s going to benefit all skin types. To use it, you just need… water. The glove has been designed so as to gather makeup products; water activates its electrostatic properties – the glove attracts all impurities (cosmetics, dirt, sebum) like a magnet. I think it’s ideal for removing a day or mineral makeup. Too bad, you need a good micellar water to get rid of waterproof products because the glove fails to remove them. Still – it makes a good choice thanks to leaving the skin clean and flawless.

5. NATURAL MAKEUP REMOVAL – Physiological Saline

Few know that physiological saline and micellar water have similar skin benefits yet the saline is milder. It’s better than running water because it doesn’t acidify the skin or change its pH. The saline is a great solution if you’re into a delicate makeup. You can enrich it with Marigold, Camomile or Aloe extract to provide it with the toner benefits.

Speaking of Aloe… it’s worth using in the everyday makeup removal because it gathers impurities, moisturises and soothes irritations effectively. Mix it with honey and a fave oil and use the mixture for taking makeup off. Buying an Aloe gel is a good idea (e.g. Holika Holika 99% natural). You can apply the gel to hair or body. Mixed with an oil, it creates an amazing makeup remover.

What about you? Have you got any natural makeup removal ideas? Any recipes to share? Which of the methods did you like most? Feel free to leave comments 🙂

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