How to do exquisite eye makeup? Use Caviar & Rubies eyeshadows by Bobbi Brown


Elegant and shimmery eye makeup? Yes, it’s possible, but only with Bobby Brown Caviar & Rubies eyeshadows. Thanks to them, you will create an astonishing look that everyone will envy you. How does this exquisite cosmetic work?

Caviar & Rubies – a brief introduction 

I’d like to start by saying a bit about the packaging of the Bobby Brown eyeshadows and what is to be found inside. The palette is golden-burgundy in colour with the logo placed on the lid – everything is neat and looks effective. Inside, there is a mirror and 9 eyeshadows; the shimmery ones: Golden Beige, Moon Star, Gildeo, Black Scotch, and matte: Black Plum, Wheat, Cool Grey, Caviar, Deep Sapphire. The look really great and provide amazing effects.

What are the effects of Bobby Brown eyeshadow palette?

Caviar & Rubies eyeshadows have a powdery texture which makes them easy to blend. They are highly pigmented. last long on the lids and can create a look for every occasion, including the most popular smoky eye. Your eyes will become brightened and visually larger whilst the whole makeup will gain an unusual character. You can blend the eyeshadows together or use them on their own.

How to use  Caviar & Rubies?

I will explain how I created one of my go-to looks with the use of Caviar & Rubies eyeshadow palette by Bobbi Brown. I used my favourite Zoeva brush set. Wheat was the base shadow applied to the upper eyelid. Next, I added a bit of Golden Beige along the upper lashline and in the inner corner of the eye. To get the effect of a smokey eye, I blended Cool Grey and Caviar and applied to the outer corner of the eye and to the lower lashline. If you like shimmer effect, add a touch of Gilded to the mobile upper eyelid. Now, just add an eyeliner and a waterproof mascara. Your makeup is ready!

Have you seen the new Caviar & Rubies eyeshadow palette from Bobby Brown? What is your favourite makeup look? Can you recommend a good eyeshadow palette? Please let me know in the comments down below!:)

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