We have new mineral cosmetics! It is an Australian brand Nude by Nature


The mineral Nude by Nature cosmetics have finally arrived from Australia. The offer is very wide but the most important is what is inside of the cosmetics. Today’s post is devoted to their ingredients, effects, and use. Keep on reading and you will find all the essential info. 

Nude by Nature – natural composition

Nude by Nature cosmetics are all-natural. They contain plant extracts, typical for Australian flora: cockatoo plum which is a rich source of vitamin C and the extract of the Lilly pilly plant, which is also known as Syzygium. They also include Shea butter, Avocado oil, Jojoba oil, Quandong fruit and kaolinite mineral. Nude by Nature products are free of parabens and silicones so they are suitable for sensitive skin and for people prone to allergic reactions. The cosmetics were not animal tested and hold the PETA certificate.

What has Nude by Nature in its offer?

Nude by Nature brand produces cosmetics and makeup brushes. They also offer gift sets, especially popular in the pre-Christmas holiday season. On the website of this Australian brand, you will find face and eye makeup products. You can choose from foundations, highlighters, eyeshadows, mascaras, eyeliners and eye pencils, as well as face and eye makeup sets. There are also makeup brushes available. It is possible to purchase single accessories in varied sizes and brushes gathered in sets.

What are the effects of Nude by Nature cosmetics?

The Australian products will help you achieve the perfect look. Thier foundations provide medium to full coverage even up to 8 hours. They also mattify the complexion and leave a satin finish. What is more, the products take a great care of the complexion by delivering anti-free radical action, providing precious nutrients and ensuring a proper level of moisture. Additionally, they soothe irritations, brighten up the complexion and leave the face natural-looking.

Have you used Nude by Nature cosmetics? What are your favourite mineral products? Do you value natural compositions?

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