I’ve tested this mysterious Gua Sha stone! What is it? Can I see any appearance improvement?

Without doubt, more and more people are into all-natural beauty treatments. There is also a growing number of conscious consumers, which is wonderful! Because of the pandemics and closed beauty salons we are forced to take care of our appearance on our own. I’ve read that facial cleansing brushes and jade rollers are currently the hottest beauty tools. But you know what? I think that these two cool gadgets may be overruled by a mysterious Gua Sha stone pretty soon. I’ve been testing this item for over a month, and I need to tell you that I’m surprised at the effects! They are amazing!

Where does Gua Sha come from?

Don’t be fooled by the fancy-sounding name. Gua Sha stones have been used in China for over hundred years! They are a part of traditional Chinese medicine. Apart from having the capabilities of improving the appearance of skin, Gua Sha is also known for soothing pain and removing toxins from skin. Interestingly, when trying to translate the name of this tool into English, it appears that Gua stands for rubbing and Sha means something like a read mark on skin. This means that you shouldn’t be worried if you see redness on your skin after massaging your body with Gua Sha. This, let’s call it, side effect is completely normal and will disappear pretty soon.

What is Gua Sha?

Gua Sha is a small, flat plate with round edges. In most cases it’s made either of jade or quartz. Since it’s not big, in fact it fits into the palm of the hand, it’s very convenient to use and it doesn’t occupy much space, meaning that you can always carry it around, even when you travel. Lastly, you can pick and choose among various shapes and colors of Gua Sha.

How to massage your face with Gua Sha

Let me begin with one important issue – if you want to see effects, you need to massage your face with Gua Sha regularly. Now, when we have this settled, I can move on to describing you the technique. First and foremost, you don’t use Gua Sha on dry skin. You have to spread some “lubricant” first, and this can be a plant oil, floral water, facial toner or serum. Once you do this, take your Gua Sha and put it on the neck to slowly move it upwards. Repeat this motion 10 times. Mind the direction – always glide Gua Sha upwards, or from the center of your face sideways, which is the same direction your lymph flows. When it comes to the pressure, you will figure it out yourself. With time, you can increase the pressure.

What are the benefits of Gua Sha for skin?

When used regularly, Gua Sha makes skin look younger, reduces wrinkles and prevents fine lines. These are the distinctive features of Gua Sha that make it different from jade rollers. Apart from this, Gua Sha massage:

  • leaves skin smoother
  • reduces puffiness (especially in the morning)
  • improves skin suppleness
  • boosts circulation
  • makes skin more resilient
  • relaxes

Other uses of Gua Sha

If you want to, you can use Gua Sha on all your body parts such as belly, buttocks or legs. Obviously, the pressure would differ depending on the body part you massage. Soon you will see firmer skin, relaxed muscles and reduced swelling.

I hope that I managed to clear up all the issues connected with Gua Sha that you had.

Do any of you use Gua Sha? Let me know in the comments! Take care!

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