Is it possible to replace your foundation with a powder? I am testing Creme Puff from Max Factor


For a while now I have been wondering whether makeup can be done with any cosmetic other than foundation. After all, there are BB creams, concealers, and mineral products that offer fairly good coverage. However, since mineral cosmetics make my skin dry, I am not a fan of BB creams, I have decided to look for an ordinary powder. Finally, I have found Creme Puff from Max Factor.

How does Creme Puff work?

I have already become fond of its formula. Creme Puff is a compact cosmetic with a creamy consistency. It gives a good coverage and leaves the skin natural-looking. What is more, the powder from Max Factor subtly illuminates the complexion, sets makeup and matches all skin types. The cosmetic is available in a few shades of beige that are suitable for all complexions. Your face looks flawless and the mattifying effect lasts throughout the day – no touch-ups are necessary.

How to use Creme Puff from Max Factor?

Sometimes, I apply it over a moisturiser and on special occasions, I use it to set the makeup (usually before an important meeting, family gathering, date, etc.) I apply a tiny bit of the product on a soft bristle and then, transfer it to my face really gently. If necessary, I apply a second layer to the T zone – that’s where the skin gets oily the most. What’s interesting, the Creme Puff’s shade is to be matched to the skin colour; it does not have to be lighter or darker than the foundation.

Will everyone like Creme Puff?

Yes, and no. I definitely like it for the fairly good coverage, hiding imperfections and long-lasting effect. Thanks to the Max Factor powder, my makeup has always been flawless and perfect. Additionally, it can be used on its own. Nevertheless, Creme Puff has some downsides. One of the flaws is the share range. Even though they match every skin type, they have orange tones. Also, there could have been a few more of them. The second issue is the composition. The cosmetic contains talc, parabens and liquid paraffin – substances that might clog pores and cause irritations. Therefore, girls with sensitive skin will not be happy about it.

What about you, have you found a cosmetic that would replace your foundation? Have you tried Creme Puff from Max Factor? What do you think of the brand?

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