Always On? Let me check it! Liquid lipstick by Smashbox


I was always curious whether a lipstick that doesn’t wear-off really exists. Of course, I had to test a few products which long-wear is confirmed by the producers. Among them there is liquid lipstick by Smashbox, Always On.

Little something for the start

Before giving you the info concerning durability of the lipstick, I’ll start from something completely different. Always On receives a massive plus for the bulk of colours and the finish it delivers to lips. The colour range created by Smashbox enables us to choose among 44 shades of reds, browns, beiges, violets, gays, blues and oranges; we can even pick black! The good news is that the brand categorised the lipsticks so as to help the clients select the right shade for themselves. The division depends on the final effect each lipstick deliver. Therefore, we have matte, metallic, nude as well as lipsticks of bold and original shades.

Effects obtained due to Always On

Owning to the liquid formula, all the lipsticks by Smashbox are easy to apply. Also, thanks to the high concentration of pigments, they coat lips with a colour without leaving any smudges nor unevenness. I find them suitable for every make-up type and occasion. They don’t contain harmful substances therefore the lipsticks can be used by sensitive skin owners. Again, the use of Always On is super easy. Just one applicator glide is enough to obtain deep and even colour.

Smashbox lipsticks – Always On?

Are liquid lipsticks by Smashbox really able to stay on lips for 8 hours? According to the producer, this is exactly how long the effect delivered by the cosmetics lasts. What’s the reality? Sadly, Always On doesn’t have such great powers and gradually wears off during eating and drinking. You need to apply touch ups. Moreover, these lipsticks may dehydrate lips and gather in creases. This happens only when lips aren’t well-conditioned, moisturised and regularly treated with scrubs.

Are you going to give a try to new Smashbox liquid lipsticks? I’m waiting for your comments.

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