You like argan oil? Then you will click with Nanoil Argan Hair Mask!

Howdy, today is a recommendation post day! We’re going to talk about my fave hair mask. A hair mask that I’ve been using regularly for a few weeks now and I’m not planning to replace it with other hair care product – no doubts about it. A hair mask that as the only one doesn’t weigh my hair down but really improves its appearance and take good care of my hair.

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I’m sure that most of you have already heard that one of the best hair (and skin) care beauty oils is argan oil, right? Using cold-press technology, it’s obtained from argan tree kernels to offer us over 100 various nourishing substances, which is why it conditions so well. You can use it either solo or combine it with other natural oils, but in my opinion it works the most effectively when added to a hair mask. Of course, not just any other hair mask but this advanced Nanoil Argan Hair Mask.

And this very hair mask is what I want to give you some insight about today. Are you interested? Go on reading then šŸ™‚


Nanoil hair masks constitute a 5-product series that was developed minding various hair types and their needs. My choice, obviously, was Nanoil nourishing hair mask with argan oil but you can reach for one of the remaining four versions of the products:

  • cleansing Nanoil hair mask with charcoal and white clay
  • smoothing Nanoil hair mask with liquid silk
  • moisturizing Nanoil hair mask with marine algae
  • deeply regenerating Nanoil hair mask with keratin

Why should you consider Nanoil hair mask as you best bet?

I guess, you’re now wondering why I’ve chosen one of Nanoil hair masks since there are so many other hair masks available in stores. That’s pretty simple! I once used Nanoil hair oils, the ones that match various hair porosity levels. From that time on I’m a big fan of these products and I simply have a thing for this brand. I just know that Nanoil offers a well-thought-out products and high efficiency.

In case you’re interested in these hair care products, you can find more info here


My hair was pretty moody, so to say – weak, with tendency to frizz, dehydrated, dull and somehow lifeless. Definitely, frequent blow drying didn’t do it good. My love for sunbathing didn’t serve my hair either. Once the summer was over, I came to realize that I couldn’t go any further without customized hair care.

And this is when I came across Nanoil Argan Hair Mask, which is a lightweight and nourishing hair mask that bases its action on argan oil. I like argan oil and I often used it – and still use it – to pamper my body, but I thought that it would work better when used in a mask. I was fast to discover that I was right because nourishing hair mask with argan oil brought back the resilience, softness and shine to my fatigued hair. I also noticed that my hair stopped getting frizzy and restored its lost vitality, which made me incredibly happy.

This is exactly why I’d recommend you this hair mask – because it’s effective, because its brings beauty to hair and works quickly.

What ingredients does Nanoil Argan Hair Mask contain?

Naturally, the nourishing quantities of Nanoil hair mask mainly derive from two ingredients the product contains. The first one is Moroccan argan oil: cold-pressed, unrefined and saturated with nutrients. The second is panthenol, also known as provitamin of B5 that improves moisture and helps hair regenerate itself better. The formula is short and simple, which I consider as a big plus. You won’t find here any parabens, silicones, colorants or SLS-es.

What is the texture of Nanoil Argan Hair Mask?

As mentioned above, this is a really lightweight hair mask. It’s also creamy and doesn’t weigh hair down. When you use it, you can see your hair getting fresh, smooth and soft. And this is a completely new experience to me since the old hair mask used to make my hair look greasy.

How to use Nanoil Argan Hair Mask?

Applying Nanoil hair mask isn’t troublesome at all. I think I can say that the application process is pretty standard: first, you have to wash your hair, use a towel to remove excess water and then apply a portion of the hair mask (skip the scalp), wait 15-30 minutes and finally rinse. This is an easy and pleasant way to provide hair with a deeply regenerating treatment once or twice a week. I’d recommend it!

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