My Top Natural Oils. Which Ones Do I Use and How?

I thought that today I’ll provide you with an update on how my current natural skin and hair treatments look like. Recently I’ve gone through all my plant oils that I had and left only with those that give me best results. I’m happy to tell you which plant oils appeared to be my favourite and how I use them. Are you curious to know my top natural oils? Read on!

Why natural oils?

Before telling you which natural oils are my personal best and what benefits they have on my physical appearance, I’ll first answer one question that I notice appearing the most frequently on social media. Why does introducing natural oils into a beauty routine pay off?

In my opinion, home beauty treatments with natural oils are an amazing alternative to the costly hair and body treatments that all beauty salons have in their offer. And you know what is best about this? Natural oils deliver similar effects to professional in-salon treatments.

Advantages of beauty oils that I discovered include the following:

  • 100% natural origin
  • do-it-all products: oils protect, nourish, repair and beautify
  • can be applied to hair, skin, lashes and other
  • incredibly easy to access
  • a huge choice among all natural oils
  • can be used solo, blended together or added to regular beauty products
  • no side effects

Best beauty oils [MY TOP3]

It’s time to show you natural oils that rule my beauty routine like no other. I’m curious if you know them and if you use them too.


Definitely a must-have when it comes to natural beauty oils. I’ve chosen Nanoil Argan Oil because it’s organic, cold pressed, unrefined and is Ecocert-certified. I apply it on my clean face after washing and putting on a hyaluronic serum (which BTW is also from Nanoil). Since I have argan oil on my hands, I also rub its residues to the nails, thus I make them a little bit stronger, but that’s not all. Argan oil also improves my hair. When I don’t have much time, I spread it along my hair and massage into the scalp 30 minutes before shampooing. At weekends, when I have more time on my hands, I do hot hair oil treatment with the very argan oil.


Actually, I discovered this beauty oil a few weeks ago and it’s currently my alternative to argan oil for skin care treatments. It’s lightweight, smells wonderful (it resembles the aromas that I was exposed to in my childhood, when I was spending my summer vacation with my grandparents) and is easy to spread over the skin. I pat it into my freshly washed face to – after a moment – feel that my skin is better moisturized, smoother and brighter. Raspberry seed oil is also good at bringing relief whenever my skin happens to be irritated.


The list of top beauty oils wouldn’t be complete without castor oil, which is my fave oil for hair growth. Believe it or not, but my hair wouldn’t be so long, thick and strong if it wasn’t for this amazing plant oil. Currently I’m using castor oil launched by another brand but I know that Nanoil has it too, so you can add it to the cart together with argan oil. When you get it delivered, all you need to do is massage castor oil into the scalp before shampooing in order to get stronger follicles, deal with hair loss and promote growth. I’d also like to suggest using castor oil on nails and face, especially if you have problems with acne. It helped me get rid of this skin concern, so I know what I’m talking about. Note: If you want to apply castor oil to face, mix it with other natural oil first.

I’m truly curious what your favorite natural oils are, and whether you use them. Let me know in the comments! Oh, and if you use natural oils, please tell me which ones and why.


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