Total camouflage with Infaillible Total Cover concealers from Maybelline


Face pigmentation, dark under-eye circles, redness, blemishes and other imperfections are probably causing trouble to many of you. Before you cure them, you can mask them with proper makeup. You will need a set of concealers from Maybelline –  Infallible Total Cover. 

Colours for imperfections 

The set from Maybelline contains five different colours of concealers. They will help you hide all kinds of imperfections and create even makeup. In the Infallible Total Cover you will find:

  • green concealer for redness, erythema and broken capillaries. The green colour is the best way to neutralize everything that’s red on the face;
  • purple concealer will brighten the complexion and even it out. It will hide dark under eye circles, yellow or dull skin;
  • three nude shades will match every skin type. They conceal sun- and acne-post scarring and other kinds of skin discolouration.

Thanks to using various colours of Maybelline concealers, the skin colour and texture will be unified and your makeup will be flawless. Additionally, it will be long-lasting without any touch-ups during the day. Infallible Total Cover concealers provide a nice coverage, without the mask effect or clogging pores. The cosmetics have a creamy formula which is easy to apply and does not rub off the skin while wearing it.

How to use Maybelline concealers?

Maybelline Infallible Total Cover concealers can be used before applying foundation (or after, if you prefer). It is best to use a small brush that will scoop some of the product and blend it well on the face. Its creamy formula will blend with any foundation, primer or bare skin. The makeup will be even, natural-looking and perfect in every detail. Unfortunately, the palette does not come with a mirror nor brushes that would facilitate the application on-the-go. Nevertheless, I am sure that the cosmetics will be beneficial for all of you.

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