Superbalanced mineral foundation by Claré Blanc. Do you know it already?


Mineral cosmetics are believed to be one of the best. Similar case is with the Superbalanced mineral powder SPF 15 by Claré Blanc. Why did I choose such a cosmetic? And what is its performance? You’re going to find out if you keep reading the entry.

Are mineral cosmetics really the best?

To me, they are the best. They are totally natural, perfect for sensitive skin, light and deliver marvellous effects. They contain only mica and oxide minerals, some of them are additionally enriched with vegetable oils and vitamins. Almost all of them provide sun protection, skin nourishment and soothing inflammations. When it comes to application, it’s simple although their consistency doesn’t resemble regular foundations. Mineral cosmetics designed for face make-up are always powdered or loose. They don’t clog skin pores nor cause irritations.

Superbalanced mineral foundation by Claré Blanc

Mineral powders by Claré Blanc have loose and pressed formula. Recently, my make-up bag has started housing Superbalanced powdered foundation with SPF 15. It’s small and insensible when applied to face. Moreover, it’s soft and pleasant to the touch. It delivers velvet cover, is super durable and adjusts itself to all skin types. It doesn’t dust while being applied but it clings to the face and delivers even skin tone and camouflages skin imperfections. Mineral foundation by Claré Blanc doesn’t create unsightly marks, doesn’t gather in the creases and doesn’t enhance skin pores. Last but not least, it contains natural ingredients: mica, titanium dioxide, natural colourants and jojoba oil which is rich in vitamin A and E.

How to use mineral foundation Superbalanced by Claré Blanc

This foundation by Claré Blanc, or any other mineral foundations, has to be applied after treating your skin with a moisturising cream. Also, you should go for a fairly big brush with soft bristle. The packaging of the cosmetic is protected with a sifter. Just put a small quantity of the product onto the lid and then collect it with a brush and apply to your face using circular motions. For better skin imperfection hiding effect, you can go for two layers of the product. The last step is applying a blusher and a highlighter, of course both in their mineral version.

Do you use mineral cosmetics on a daily basis?

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