Vernal edition of Yves Saint Laurent. New Couture Liquid Eyeliner 9 Or Radical in gold shade


Eyeliner is a cosmetic that takes a special place in my makeup bag. Recently, I’ve nominated my new fav, and it is Couture Liquid Eyeliner by Yves Saint Laurent. It has gold colour and I find it perfect for a carnival period, party or any other variation on makeup.

How’s eyeliner by Yves Saint Laurent like?

Couture Liquid Eyeliner has a liquid formula which dries out fast when applied to eyelids. It doesn’t wear off during a day, leaves eyelids spotless and is smudge-proof. Moreover, this beauty product delivers matte finish, yet this gold shade makes skin shine beautifully. While describing this product I need to mention that Couture Liquid Eyeliner 9 Or Radical contains two ingredients that deliver moisturising and nourishing action. Furthermore, application of this Yves Saint Laurent eyeliner is simple and the precise brush enables to obtain diversified effects.

How to use Couture Liquid Eyeliner by YSL?

This eyeliner by Yves Saint Laurent can be used to apply a classic line along eyelash roots or accentuate inner corners of the eyes. Also, you can apply it on skin or eyeshadows. Furthermore, in my opinion, this eyeliner matches matte, shimmering and glitter cosmetics. It plays in tune with black, navy blue or dark green mascara as well. However, in order to obtain this very effect, you need to apply Couture Liquid Eyeliner 9 Or Radical by Yves Saint Laurent the right way. How to do this?

I’m sure, every makeup artist will show you the one and only rule of using an eyeliner. What does it depend on? Put your elbow on a table and press your hand to a cheek. Without stretching eyelid skin, run the brush along eyelash line and draw a line to lift it up slightly on its one end. Thanks to this, you will enhance your eyes optically. After that, you can make the line thicker by applying another layer of it starting from the mid-length of the first line outwards. After a while you’re going to obtain a thick line or something resembling shape of a triangle. Now you have to coat lashes with a mascara!

Makeup variations with YSL

You can use this gold-shaded eyeliner by Yves Saint Laurent in a completely different manner. Use it to apply a mini line in the inner corner of the eye. You will look great in this kind of makeup if you plan to attend a party, wedding or any other similar event. Also, you can go a little bit wilder and use Couture Liquid Eyeliner to accentuate crease or draw some graphic shapes.

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