Time for Flawless Eyebrows, BEST LAMINATION KITS RANKING


Do you know what is eyebrow lamination? Or do you regularly go to a beautician to get the treatment? I have to confess that I have a lot to do with brow lamination but I have never seen a professional though! πŸ™‚ For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a fan of DIY brow lamination
so I decided to prepare something for you that I’m sure you’ll like and that you’ll find useful – a ranking of the best brow lamination kits.

Thanks to my list you will get to know the solutions I have tested that allow you to laminate your eyebrows at home easily.

It’s time to get your brows perfectly shaped, without sticking out and unwanted sparse areas! πŸ™‚

Eyebrow lamination – how long do the effects last?

Eyebrow lamination is a treatment getting increasingly popular among women – all because of the convenience it provides. Following the lamination treatment, eyebrows become thicker and more voluminous, and gain the desired lift. The problem of unmanageable brow hairs also disappears.

With a good eyebrow lamination kit, the effects should last 1.5 months. That’s as much as 6 weeks without doing your brow makeup!

If you are ready to change your makeup habits, it’s time to answer the question: which eyebrow lamination kit to choose?


1. Nanobrow Lamination Kit

nanobrow lamination kit

MY RATING: 10/10

This brow lamination kit has accompanied me for the longest time of all and so far it still works best. It contains everything I need to laminate my eyebrows at home and ensures I always get the desired effects.

The packaging is elegant, so I think it’s a good gift idea (especially for myself :)). Inside, there are eyebrow-laminating solutions with great formulas and pleasant consistencies. In addition, of course, the kit includes all the convenient applicators that allow you to perform eyebrow lamination treatment at home quickly.

What are the results of DIY brow lamination with this kit? My eyebrows gain the ultimate volume and look completely different! I have naturally thin eyebrows, and how I managed to increase their volume with Nanobrow Lamination Kit surprised even my mother πŸ˜€ In my opinion, with this brow lamination kit, every woman can enjoy her thick and voluminous brows.

Importantly, Nanobrow Lamination Kit ensures you can do up to ten treatments.


  • convenient to use and suitable even if you are new to eyebrow lamination πŸ˜€
  • precisely camouflages the gaps
  • allows me to perform eyebrow lamination with a “wow” effect that lasts for 6 weeks
  • comes with numbered bottles, which makes DIY brow lamination easy


  • price

2. MIYA LASH Brow Lamination Kit


If your eyebrows stick out in all directions and are difficult to style, you can reach for this brow lamination kit. It’s no longer my favorite, like Nanobrow Lamination Kit, but it works well too πŸ™‚

It provides a nice lift to the eyebrows, which makes me feel like I look fresher and radiant. It comes with good applicators that allow you to quickly change the shape and direction of your eyebrows. The effects lasted up to 5 weeks in my case and looked really satisfactory.

I think this brow lamination kit will work especially well for anyone whose eyebrows don’t need any additional volume and who just wants to shape them for longer.

With this DIY eyebrow lamination kit, you can perform about six individual treatments.


  • gentle on sensitive skin
  • provides the desired brow lift
  • ensures long-lasting effects
  • comes with clear, good instructions


  • unlikely to work well on full brows

3. SASSY SAINTS Brow Lamination Kit

MY RATING: 8.5/10

This brow lamination kit caught my attention due to its simplicity and ease of use – it only takes three steps to do the lamination by yourself, and it doesn’t take much time. The kit is suitable for all types of eyebrows, including thin and sparse ones.

Which effects can I get with it? First of all, I noticed that my eyebrows looked feathery and had a nice shape. If any of you are looking for a good brow definition, it’s easy to achieve it with this brow lamination kit.

I didn’t quite like the applicators, but perhaps you get used to them. They are just so not very handy in my opinion.

The effects lasted 5-6 weeks in my case, and the kit for DIY brow lamination lasts for six treatments.


  • fills in the brows well and makes them look fluffy
  • allows you to forget about unwanted sparse areas
  • eyebrow-laminating products seem to be gentle and distribute well on the eyebrows


  •  poor applicators
  •  price

4. RefectoCil Brow Lamination Kit


I think this is a good brow lamination kit for those women who want to do as many treatments as possible with one kit – it can be used as many as 15 times. The question remains: is it worth it?

In my opinion, yes, if you do not expect any spectacular results, but want to lift your eyebrows and shape them well.

This brow lamination kit is distinguished by its modern packaging, and I can say that it comes with good brow-laminating products that do not run into the eyes.

By reaching for this solution, you get free eye pads πŸ™‚ that’s always a nice touch!


  • allows you to perform as many as 15 treatments
  • styles the eyebrows well
  • applicators do their job


  • definitely not suitable for anyone who wants the ultimate brow volume

5. Elevate The Beauty Long Term Eyebrow Lamination


My next suggestion allows you to quickly change the direction of brow growth and is suitable for any type of eyebrows.

This brow lamination kit does a good job of adding extra volume and providing a defined look. However, it does not deal with the defects well…

It’s a bit difficult to apply the products on the eyebrows, so I don’t quite know if it will be the most comfortable solution, but it will certainly be useful for those ladies who care mainly about maximizing the volume of their eyebrows. From thin and barely there, they become thick and feathery. It really looks cool πŸ™‚ If it did a better job of filling in the eyebrows, I think it would deserve a much better rating.

With this brow lamination kit, you can count on eight full lamination treatments.


  • increases eyebrow volume
  • comes with formulas that do not irritate the skin
  • allows you to perform quick eyebrow lamination at home


  • does not fill in the gaps
  • could have come with better applicators, because the ones included in the kit do not work very well

6. Revolution Brow Lamination Kit


A brow lamination kit that you can get at a really attractive price. I think it will be good for beginners who want to do a full brow lamination in four steps and save money. However, it no longer gives such long-lasting effects – brow lamination with this kit only lasts for a week. The eyebrow lamination kit includes formulas with pleasant consistencies, and this is probably its biggest advantage. It gently lifts the eyebrows and also fills in the small gaps, but that’s the end of it.


  • comes with a spoolie that separates the brows well
  • the products have a pleasant consistency


  • effects last only a week
  • there is no chance to thicken and increase the volume of eyebrows with this kit

Eyebrow lamination – is it safe?

Yes, the brow lamination treatment is really safe and can be performed by virtually anyone. Of course, as always, there are some contraindications. It is better to refrain from performing the treatment during pregnancy and nursing (unless you talk it over it with your doctor :)), and also if you suffer from any inflammation in your brow area or allergies. Remember that the procedure should be performed no more often than every two months.

DIY brow lamination at home can be as safe and effective as the one performed in a professional beauty salon. All you need is a good brow lamination kit and stick to the instructions πŸ™‚

For me, brow lamination is the best brow-shaping method there is. I think you will also like it, and you will have a lot of fun laminating your eyebrows on your own!

Be sure to let me know if you know how to laminate your brows step by step, and if you have chosen a kit for DIY brow lamination kit to start your adventure with the treatment!

I hope that my ranking of the best brow lamination kits helped you choose one and that you will be able to soon forget about the daily brow makeup πŸ™‚

Have a great day!

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