Nanobrow Lamination Kit – My Way For Flawless Eyebrows Every Day

My dear ladies,

It’s finally time for another post – this time let’s talk about brow lamination at home. Yes, – it’s really possible to do it on your own without the help of a professional! All you need is a good brow lamination kit. Which factors did I consider while choosing mine? I wanted it to be easy to use, contain efficient formulas, and provide me with truly stunning effects for many weeks. That’s exactly what Nanobrow Lamination Kit is all about.

Today you’ll find out why I think it can work for all brow types, what the price of the eyebrow lamination kit from Nanobrow is, and why I could forget about the brow pencils I had in my makeup bag for good.

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Brow lamination at home – is it difficult? Not with Nanobrow Lamination Kit for DIY brow lamination!

It took me a long time to determine which brow lamination kit to choose. In the end, I decided that the best option for me would be the one from Nanobrow, and fortunately, it lived up to my expectations. When I laminated my eyebrows on my own for the first time, I felt mixed emotions: Is it going to work? Maybe it’s not for me? Won’t it damage my eyebrows?

It quickly turned out that my fears were completely uncalled for – today I know that this is a safe solution any woman can handle. Believe me, if I managed, I’m sure you can do it too πŸ™‚

One treatment was enough for me to make sure this is the perfect option for me – my eyebrows are kept in check for weeks and there is no question of unmanageable hairs. Thanks to the precisely numbered bottles, I know exactly which step to take next at all times. The products are safe for my sensitive skin and do not get into my eyes.

brow lamination

Eyebrow lamination – who is it for?

I believe that brow lamination is perfect for any woman who:

  • is tired of doing her brow makeup every day,
  • can’t manage her unruly eyebrows,
  • values precision,
  • appreciates convenient solutions,
  • prefers to care for her brows on her own rather than making appointments with a beautician,
  • wants to learn new skills, which in this case is eyebrow lamination, and discover how easy it is,
  • wishes to see in the mirror her brows lookingΒ thick and full.

Nanobrow Lamination Kit – how many treatments can you do with one kit?

About ten! This is really a great way to save money. I don’t know how much I would have to spend at a beauty salon on regular brow lamination treatments, but I know that would be a lot. For the price of one treatment, I can have a great kit that allows me to laminate my eyebrows by myself and not worry about my budget and not having enough money for appointments with a specialist. When I noticed that the result I achieved on my own were practically the same, I was very sorry that it took me so long to discover this option. Well – the main thing is that I use it now and would not switch it for anything else in the world πŸ™‚ Eyebrow lamination at home is my go-to!

I can enjoy the effects of a single brow lamination treatment done by myself with Nanobrow Lamination Kit for more than 6 weeks.

Where to buy the brow lamination kit from Nanobrow? What are the product sizes?

  • WHERE TO BUY IT: in online and regular beauty stores and on the official brand’s website (that’s where I bought my brow lamination kit, but it might be on special offer in Rossmann or Douglas, etc).
  • SIZES: Brow glue (7ml / 0.24 fl oz), StepOne Lifting lotion (5ml / 0.17 fl oz), StepTwo Fixer (5ml / 0.17 fl oz).
  • PRICE: very attractive

Since I have Nanobrow Lamination Kit, I know that this brow lamination kit can keep my brows in check for weeks, it puts a smile on my face right away. It wasn’t until I found a more convenient solution that I discovered that doing my brow makeup every day was tiring and, above all, time-consuming. Now, I have perfectly styled eyebrows every day – without any effort!

And what’s your brow makeup routine? Let me know! πŸ™‚

Have a lovely day!