Summer Fridays. Lovely highlighting facial masks. My Review

Have you heard about Summer Fridays Jet Lag, Overtime and R+R facial masks? These three products have taken social media by storm and many celebrities claim having one! I don’t want to be left behind therefore I decided to give them a try, too 🙂 Here’s my review.

I like using facial masks because they give my skin a kind of energy boost that, let’s be honest, face skin lacks on a regular workday. A typical cream isn’t potent enough to inject such an amount of nourishing substances into skin as facial masks do.

However, it’s worth realizing what facial masks are the best and which ones should be appropriate for our skin. It’s hardly possible to find the ideal between hundreds (or even thousands) of products available if we aren’t so well-acquainted with substances and ingredients used to create such products. For that reason, reaching for cosmetics such as Summer Fridays is a good option – they are tested, recommended and effective.

The most popular facial masks on social media

Summer Fridays is a brand that has appeared fairly recently, and so far it’s launched only three products –  Summer Fridays Jet Lag, Overtime and R+R facial masks.

The facial masks which were created by two American bloggers turned out to be a real hit. Girls that used to focus on reviewing beauty products decided to put on the market their own cosmetic. Driven by their experience, they imagine the perfect cosmetics and then simply created a perfect facial mask. And this is how Jet Lag came into existence.

Currently, this is probably the most popular cosmetic on social media, and even celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Jessica Alba claim to use it. The Summer Fridays offer also includes other face mask – Overtime – and the newest product, which is R+R – both equally popular and frequently recommended.

Summer Fridays – About the products

Summer Fridays facial masks is something more than just regular cosmetics. This is a dream come true in terms of the finest beauty products. They have their style, interesting composition and are being sold like hot cakes.

What’s the secret of Summer Fridays facial masks?

The first iconic mask, which is Jet Lag, was being created for 2 years! This is how long it took to compose this perfect formula which is supposed to take care of skin in the best way possible, leaving it beautified already after the first use. The owners of the brand decided that it’s better to create just one product which composition is almost perfect rather than introduce dozens of worse preparations. And this is why we had to wait that long for the second and third face mask – many report that the facial masks were worth the wait.

Summer Fridays facial masks

They are expensive and this is what I’d like to start with. It’s an expense that many women might not afford. On the flip side, it’s obvious that such a high price is connected with high-quality ingredients and better action. I don’t mind paying more for a product providing that it’s really worth it.

Summer Fridays facial masks are simple, small tin tubes which minimalist design doesn’t stand out from other similar products. Jet Lag is closed in a blue aluminium tube, Overtime goes with a golden tube and R+R is pinkish – all shades are pastel.

Still, the most important is what’s hidden inside. The components and action of Summer Fridays – this is what we should focus on right now.

What do Summer Fridays mask contain?

A few words on each face mask.

  1. Summer Fridays Jet Lag is a classic regenerating mask which bases its action on natural butters, ceramides and good cholesterol. Among these constituents, you can find chestnut seed extract, shea butter, glycerin, bellows and cucumber extracts. This facial mask also contains oils: mint (pepper and pennyroyal) as well as orange peel oil.
  2. Summer Fridays Overtime this is a beautifying protein mask which is made from natural vegetable substances and vitamins. The most important ingredients to mention are: sweet almond oil, apricot seed powder, oat proteins, pumpkin seed oil and extract, chamomile extract, lavender, melisa, vitamin E and many other oils.
  3. Summer Fridays R+R is a highlighting mask that leaves skin with this romantic shine. It’s made from oils (safflower, argan, with avocado and grape), vitamin E in two forms, damask rose essential oil and French rose powder.

Of course, all products by Summer Fridays are vegan and eco-friendly!

Summer Fridays facial masks – Action

I could spend hours writing about Summer Fridays masks, but I think it’d be better if I just try to summarize my thoughts.


And this applies mainly to Overtime which is my favorite mask in defiance of all the Jet Lag fans. At the same time it doesn’t mean that the two remaining facial masks are bad. Quite the opposite! All Summer Fridays masks are just wonderful, have marvelous formulas, are easy to distribute on face and it takes them no more than 10 minutes to get absorbed fully.

The effects of using Summer Fridays? Skin looks as if it’s drunk a lot of water. It can be felt that it’s well-hydrated and nourished. In a snap it becomes soft, smooth and radiant, and additionally the sensation of tight skin and dryness disappears. Trust me, it’s plain to see that this is a top-shelf product.

You should give them a try! 🙂

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