SkinClearing Liquid Makeup from Neutrogena


Oily and combination skin is very difficult when it comes to treatment. Not to mention applying and wearing makeup, I am sure that those of you who struggle with acne, shine in the T zone or blackheads knows exactly what I am talking about. Did all of the coloured cosmetics fail? Recently, I was testing a foundation from Neutrogena –  SkinClearing Liquid Makeup, and I must tell you that the product can work wonders even on oily skin!

Neutrogena foundation for oily skin?

Why not? After all, it does not contain any oils or clogging substances. The product has a lightweight water-based formula with salicylic acid. The producer recommends this cosmetic for those who deal with oily, combination and even sensitive skin. What’s more, this Neutrogena foundation is also intended to use during acne treatment. If you have oily or combination skin and you’re worried that most of the cosmetics will clog pores, then SkinClearing Liquid Makeup will be the best solution for you.

How to use Neutrogena SkinClearing Liquid Makeup?

Before each application, cleanse the skin and moisturise it thoroughly. Start applying the product from the middle of the face and blend out towards the outer parts. I usually apply another layer of the product to the T zone and where my skin likes to shine during the day. According to the producer, you can add more layers of the product during the day if necessary, in my case it wasn’t. I set everything with a powder and my makeup lasts throughout the entire day.

What else should you know?

SkinClearing Liquid Makeup is available in 14 shades of beige, bronze with warm and cool undertones. One bottle contains 30ml of the fluid which is enough for a few-month use. Unfortunately, there is no applicator attached to the bottle which makes dosing a bit problematic. No worries, it’s not something you wouldn’t do;)

If you have oily and problematic skin, let me know what foundation you like to use. Have you ever tried Neutrogena SkinClearing Liquid Makeup? Do you have any hacks to deal with such a skin type?

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