New From Chanel! Trait de Caractere eyeshadows


I just cannot do without eye makeup. I like my eyes to be exaggerated and to draw attention. Therefore, I like to choose the best cosmetics and devote a lot of time to under-eye skin care and eye makeup. Recently, I have decided to finally try out a set of eyeshadows from Chanel – Trait de Caractere eyeshadow palette. Today’s post will reveal my honest opinion on this product, stay tuned!

How does the Chanel eyeshadow palette look like?

The palette comes with a 5 eyeshadows, a mirror, two applicators (two sponges and one brush and sponge). The packaging closes with a click and is rather of a compact size. It will prevent any breakage and you will be able to hide it in your bag and take it with you on holiday of to work to touch up your makeup if needed. The palette offers products that give matte and sateen finish. The colours are as follows: nude with a hint of light pink, creamy with metallic lustre, expressive aubergine, dark-grey and a green with opalescent particles.

What are Chanel eyeshadows like?

Trait de Caractere eyeshadows from Chanel have been ophthalmologically tested. They are safe for people wearing contact lenses and with sensitive eyes. The products are highly pigmented and in consequence, the make-up is vivid and long-lasting. Natural ingredients are responsible for the eyelid skin care.

How to use eyeshadows from Chanel?

Firstly, prep your skin and eyes for the makeup. Apply a moisturising cream and after it is fully absorbed, go in with a foundation and concealer if needed. Finish it with a setting powder. To prolong the eyeshadow wear, you can use a special primer. Trait de Caractere from Chanel is perfect for creating the most eye-catching look – the smoky eye. Start with a base shadow of a neutral colour – preferably with a matte finish. This will be the transition shade and will help to blend evenly the rest of the colours. Next, apply the lightest shade to the inner corners -this will visually open up the eye and brighten up the entire look. On the opposite side – the outer corners – apply a dark eyeshadow to create the impression of depth and to obtain a multidimensional effect. Blend out all the colours, make sure not to leave any sharp edges. Add a black eyeliner and apply a generous amount of mascara for a more intense look. Makeup with Trait de Caractere eyeshadow palette is all done!

Do you like products from Chanel? What is your favourite eyeshadow palette? How do you create your fave looks?

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