Prince-hunt with Benefit Cosmetics, ‘Sunday my Prince Will Come’


You never know when you meet this one and only, long-awaited Prince Charming. And when this finally happens, it’s better to look really good. Here comes Benefit Cosmetics, Sunday my Prince Will Come kit which will help you with that.

Sunday my Prince Will Come kit

All the make-up products are packed into a pink vanity bag. If you unzip the bag, you’ll find a colouring and thickening eyebrow gel Gimme Brow, a liquid highlighter High Beam and a blusher GALifornia. Thanks to this set of make-up products, you’re going to create very girlish and charming look, which suits every possible occasion. However, the effect you’re going to obtain due to Sunday my Prince Will Come kit is the most suitable for a date with your beloved one.

Gimme Brow gel

The gel by Benefit Cosmetics thickens and colours eyebrows. Thanks to this, your eyes are provided with a definition as your face shapes are emphasized. This product contains microfibers which settle on skin and brow ridge to double eyebrow volume. The brush was designed in such a way to precisely coat each hair with the gel. Owning to this gel, you can shape and fix the eyebrows the way you want them to look on a date. Gimme Brow gel delivers a long-lasting effect and is waterproof.

High Beam highlighter

It delivers sateen make-up finish, enhances assets of a face and optically enlarges selected face parts. Thanks to this cosmetic, skin becomes more radiant so as to help you look younger and full of energy. High Beam highlighter can be applied either on the make-up or directly to the skin. When it comes to the very face parts where we should put the product on, they are: cheek bones, brow ridge, forehead and Cupid’s bow.

GALifornia blusher

This cosmetic is closed in a colourful box featuring a mirror and a brush. This blusher contains pink and gold pigments which beautify each skin type. As if all that weren’t enough, this GALifornia is going to leave vanilla and grapefruit fragrance on your skin. How to apply this blusher by Benefit Cosmetics? Distribute it along the tops of your cheekbones and even along your eyelids – thanks to this, you don’t need to use eyeshadows.

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