Makeup tricks – my golden 14 of the best trips

Hi girls, today I’d like to share with you a handful of tips and tricks that can revolutionise your makeup, and maybe your life a bit – if, for example, your morning routine takes you a long time and you are looking for a way to change it πŸ™‚

I just love these kinds of posts 乂❀‿❀乂

It’s not only fun to write them but they are also a good review for every girl – thanks to gathering all the info in one post, you will have everything at your fingertips whenever you need it. Let’s get started with the makeup tricks that work wonders.

  1. Did you know that blotting papers are often a waste of money because baking parchment will successfully replace it? There is one more advantage in using it, instead of using the ready-made small squares typical for blotting papers, we can shape the sheets the way we want. Simply cut out the piece that ideally matches your forehead, cheek or chin. SImply press the baking-blotting parchment against your face gently to get rid of excess sebum. Then, you can go in with the powder.
    This will make the makeup on point and natural.
  2. White teeth – if you do not want your teeth to look yellow after applying lipstick – choose colours with tones that are on the cooler side (the ones with blue pigments). Such shades will make your teeth brighter.
  3. A quick brow shaping – you do not have to have any advanced brow pomades to create the perfect shape and colour. Just spray a bit of hairspray onto an old but thoroughly cleansed mascara wand and brush it through your brows. However, if you run out of your favourite brow pencil, you can go ahead and use an eyeshadow to fill in your brows.
  4. Does colour enlarge the eyes? NO! (Un)fortunately, it has been replaced with a light beige pencil that provides more natural look. It can be used to brighten up the inner corners of the eye or smudge under the brow arch to lift the brow optically. If the product has a pearl finish it can also act as a face highlighter. I love the versatility:)
  5. Lips in 3D? Sure! Here is a quick and easy: apply a matte or satin lipstick to your lips, and a bit of shimmery pink blush to the middle of the upper and lower lips. Voila!
  6. Ultra-long lasting lipstick – this is just ingenious: first, apply lipstick as you usually do, then press a tissue to your lips (just one thin layer) and apply powder over it. Probably the most recommended are natural white rice or bamboo powder. It will give you a velvety, matte finish and increase the durability of the lipstick.
  7. Red lipstick for dark under eye circles? Surprising, but yes, it works! The shade of the lipstick must match your skin undertones. It is best to first check at home what colours will work better dark red or maybe coral? Nevertheless, one is for sure: red will perfectly neutralize the colour of our dark under-eye circles.
  8. The universal cosmetics that might be taken to a trip to save up space is…Coconut oil! It will be perfect as a makeup remover, lotion, under-eye cream, hair conditioner. It is also suitable for those who value minimalism and do not like to overload bathrooms with piles of products.
  9. A quick application of cream and foundation at once – this solution is ideal for the mornings – its saves up time. What is more, the combination creates a perfect BB cream that will improve the appearance of the skin and provide proper care.
  10. You run out of your eyeliner but really want to wing your eye because you have an important event ahead of you? Dip the eyeliner applicator in…your mascara!
  11. You have thick and exaggerated eyebrows that need to be styled, but you do not have anything at your fingertips that would tame them? The lip balm is perfect for this. It contains natural waxes and glycerin, which will be great for styling such small hairs.
  12. If you also waste a lot of time looking for your cosmetics (just like me!) try buying products that offer versatile use. For instance, a cheek blush can also be a lipstick, or lip balm pigment, the bronzer and a highlighter can be applied to the eyelids and the other way around: a lipstick will for as a cheek blusher, and a light eyeshadow can highlight not only eyelids but also the whole face. Try it out! This way you will create your own, unique makeup tricks:)
  13. Lipstick on the teeth? Never again! Simply suck your finger after applying lipstick. This way, the excess of the product that has accumulated on the inside of the mouth will settle on it, not on the teeth.
  14. Clumps of mascara on your lashes? Ugh, they can ruin the whole look. Here is a good method to avoid them: first of all, cleanse the mascara wand regularly. Secondly, always have a clean lash and brow comb within your reach – you will be able to brush out any lumps.
    I believe this is all – my golden 14. If I come up with another idea, I will definitely update the list!

How about you? Do you have any reliable makeup tips or tricks? Perhaps you know some interesting, recommended by make-up artists solutions? If so, it is necessary to “get tricky” – as my friend like to says, which in my understanding means … leave a comment: D

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