My Beauty Care Must-Have. ♡ What Are Honey Benefits?

Do you like honey? I love it and use the ingredient in DIY beauty products more often than for sweetening the tea. Today, I’d like to tell you about the beauty benefits that natural honey conceals. If there’s a bee yard nearby, go and get yourself a jar!

What buzzes inside the honey?

No, you won’t find bees in honey. Instead, there are lots of nutrients that are very, very useful in the beauty care. Carbohydrates, two simple sugars: fructose (39%) and glucose (34%) are the main ingredients of honey. They give honey its taste and aroma. However, acids (gluconic, malic, citric) and essential oils are responsible for its aroma, too. What are other components of natural honey? Considering beauty care, it’s important to mention vitamins A, B, C, D and E, micro-nutrients e.g. potassium, chlorine, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, iron, manganese, cobalt. If you’re looking for folic acid, b-carotene and biotin, you’re going to find them in honey. Not enough? Water makes up 20% of honey; after all, water is essential for our skin and hair. I was also surprised by the number of nutrients that natural honey contains. It would be a pity not to make use of so many benefits!

Honey – Uses in Beauty Care

It’s one of the most popular homemade cosmetics. Honey has been used for beauty purposes for a long time both in pure form and as an additive of care products. You can use it for the skin, hair, chapped lips, facial skin. In creams, it’s usually mixed with milk proteins or vitamin A whereas in shampoos – with lemon or flowery oil. You can use hot honey and oils for a cleansing and nourishing massage or relaxing bath. There’s a variety of honey beauty benefits. This product is simply multitasking and irreplaceable. You can add it to DIY cosmetics and have a snack at the same time 🙂

Honey is an ingredient of home and ready-made beauty products. It’s ideal for tired, grayish and dry skin. Natural care with honey is such an excellent solution that it actually works for all skin and hair types. You should remember that honey may trigger allergic reactions like any other substance. That’s why do a patch test before the use. Luckily, honey allergies aren’t common.

If you go for honey in beauty care, believe me – effects will spectacular. The power of natural ingredients lies in acting in accordance with nature, without needless preservatives or synthetic substances. Want to know something more?

Honey skin benefits:

  • works like a nourishing and energizing injection;
  • soothes all irritations;
  • makes wounds heal faster;
  • maintains the right hydration;
  • ensures the elasticity, smoothness and softness;
  • minimizes roughness and chapping;
  • helps to fight signs of ageing;
  • fights bacteria, viruses and inflammation;
  • reduces the appearance of blemishes;
  • destroys free radicals and regenerates.

Honey hair benefits:

  • improves and maintains the proper moisture;
  • prevents frizz and flyaways;
  • protects hair ends from splitting;
  • adds softness and a healthy shine;
  • soothes the irritated scalp;
  • enhances faster hair growth;
  • brightens in a gentle and natural way.

My honey recipes:

I love making home honey-based hair and facial masks. My favorite honey-infused hair mask involves mixing ½ glass of honey with ¼ glass of olive oil and juice of a half of lemon. I massage the pulp into hair, let it sit for thirty mins and precisely rinse out and wash the hair.

There’s something more because I love using honey for acne. Always, when I have a problem with awful pimples and inflammation, I try to fix it naturally instead of reaching for an ointment right away. I apply a bit of honey to a pimple and cover it with an adhesive bandage for 20 minutes. Next, I wash it off with cool water and that’s all.

However, I guess a DIY honey lip balm is the most popular. Especially in winter when lips get chapped, irritated and lose moisture. I always mix a teaspoon of honey with ½ glass of grated beeswax, two drops of vitamin E (in an oil form), ¼ glass of coconut oil and ten drops of lemon juice. I slightly heat the ingredients up and pour into a handy small jar. After several hours, the balm gets the right consistency of a cosmetic vaseline.

Finally, a honey-based face mask. An extremely easy recipe as you mix two spoons of honey with ½ glass of milk. I apply the mixture to the face and neck skin for 15-20 mins and wash off with warm water. A brilliant hydration boost thanks to just two ingredients.

Are you gonna make use of the recipes?

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