How to Make a Hair Conditioner Work Better? Use 100% of its Power!

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I’ve got a few conditioners that haven’t worked well on my hairdo but haven’t done much harm either so I keep them for… the future. Giving poor results is their main drawback but instead of throwing away, I decided to find the way to make them work more intensively. It is possible and – what’s likely to be the most essential – really works.

Are you curious of how I’ve managed to enhance my not-so-awesome conditioners? Read on 🙂

The way a hair conditioner works

First things first. Let’s start by explaining what a conditioner actually does. It is an extremely popular product we use to, as the name suggest, condition the hair.

Still, we must know that the effect is superficial. Most of all, a conditioner coats hair with a velvet-like layer, instantly delivering shine, smooth and easier brushing. It neither works deeply nor gives long-term effects. A conditioner works on the hair surface – remember that if you look out for hair repair and reconstruction. Other products work better in this respect.

When a hair conditioner doesn’t work…

It happens that a hair conditioner works poorly or doesn’t work at all. A product not matching your hair needs is a common cause of the problem. However, you can often make a conditioner work better by applying it in a particular way. Give it a second chance. It doesn’t cost much.

Check how to do it!

How to deep condition your hair?

Here are my ways to make a hair conditioner work better!

  1. A bit of oil in your hair conditioner
    The easiest way to reinforce the working of a conditioner is adding something which will upgrade its qualities. I usually choose oils as I know they’re natural and work wonders on my hair. A few drops of argan, almond or evening primrose oil are enough to make a conditioner work much more deeply and give striking results. Try out yourselves.
  2. Applying a conditioner before a hair wash
    A good patent to make a conditioner work more quickly involves applying it before shampooing and treating it like a mask. Why before the wash? Some girls say that conditioners don’t get along with wet hair gliding on the hair shaft instead of penetrating it.
  3. Leave in a conditioner longer
    A really logical way to enhance a conditioner involves letting it sit in hair slightly longer. It focuses on giving nutrients time to work. I’m sure giving them more than 2 minutes will make you spot the difference.
  4. Hot conditioning with a shower cap
    You can also make your conditioner work better by using it in a different way. What improves the absorption of nutrients? Temperature. All you need to do is apply a hair conditioner, secure it with a shower cap and wrap a warm towel around. You can also heat the turban up using a blow-dryer.
  5. A conditioner in the shower
    My favorite way of enhancing a conditioner is applying it while I’m in the shower. I wet my hair, apply a conditioner, take a shower, rinse it. In this way the conditioner stays in hair slightly longer and the steam room-like conditions increase absorption and make it work more deeply.

A hair conditioner vs a hair mask

Remember that you will never turn your conditioner into a mask no matter what hacks and tips you use. These are two completely different cosmetics. Conditioners will always work less intensively because it is a mask which has better ingredients in higher concentrations.

A hair conditioner gives a superficial effect but these simple hints can let you make the most of it.

Test them and let me know 🙂

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