Face mist benefits + proven face mist recipes

On days like these the only thing I want to reach for are cooling face mists. I’m curious whether you too use face mists and if so, what types – tell me. But before doing so, I wholeheartedly encourage you read about my long experiences with face mists.

P.S. At the end of my post, you will find two recipes for face mists that I use on a daily basis 🙂

What should I start with…

Perhaps I should say that face mists are gaining in popularity and many women from all over the world claim that these products stole their hearts, including my heart because I can’t imagine my life without face mist. I’m serious. Let me tell you why.

Face mist

What’s face mist?

This is a lightweight and runny beauty product that is used to spritz face with in order to freshen it up and relax. The truth is, there are many products that might play the part of face mist: flower distillate, herbal infusion, homemade blend of oils and water/distillate or thermal water. However, the most often we buy ready-made face mists that many drug stores offer. After all, such beauty products are well-composed and keep their properties unchanged for longer.

How does face mist work?

The main task of face mist depends on freshening face up and soothing skin on hot days.

But that’s not all! Face mist is also able to moisturize skin and lock the water inside. Frequently face mists display skin tonifying and irritation relieving properties. Moreover, such product restores the natural balance, vitality and shine to skin. Thanks to face mist, sebaceous glands start functioning properly so skin is no longer greasy. Finally, face mists highlight complexion and in some cases they can fix makeup! Such a versatile cosmetic it is, isn’t it?

The inside is what matters!

Obviously, facial mists aren’t equal – one might deeply replenish skin with water and soothe irritations, whereas the other might be badly tolerated by our face which frequently leads to worsening skin condition. As you can see, the ingredients used are the most important.

A good face mist is expected to contain only the substances that have positive influence on skin. For that reason, both herbal waters, which are full of minerals, as well as herbal distillates, which lacks preservatives, are recognized as great examples of face mists. To make it simpler for you – If you want to treat your skin with the right face mist, look for the following substances:

  • aloe that relieves irritations and moisturizes;
  • white willow that balances sebum secretion;
  • hyaluronic acid that is known for moisturizing skin deeply;
  • flower oils that condition skin and enhance beauty;
  • white mulberry that improves the state of skin;
  • green tea that is an antioxidant and rejuvenates;
  • cucumber that relieves and moisturizes.

How to use face mist?

The effects that a particular face mist is able to create are strictly connected with the way we use it. Seemingly, this procedure is super easy, yet you can’t be too careful.

My tips: don’t keep the nozzle near the face (keep around 10-inch distance). Also, don’t spritz too much of mist (it’s better to use small portions). Don’t rub the mist but let it get absorbed by skin. Keep using it throughout the entire day. Don’t forget to close your eyes and mouth before spritzing.

Recipe for homemade face mists

I’ve got two tested and tried recipes for face mists and – let me be honest – I keep using both of them equally often. If you want to, give them a go since there’s nothing complicated with making your own face mist.

  • Green tea face mist – I brew 2 bags of green tea in hot water (not boiling) and let it cool down. Then, I combine the infusion with a few drops of argan oil (for dry skin) or rose water in 1:1 proportions (for sensitive skin), or a teaspoon of witch-hazel (for acne and oily face).
  • Aloe and lemon face mist – I mix fresh aloe gel with cucumber juice, lemon juice (one fruit) and spring water (or demineralized water).

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