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My hand skin tends to lose water very fast. I don’t know why is that, what is the cause of my hands getting constantly dehydrated because I don’t expose them to frost and I always carry a hand cream with me. Besides, I regularly moisturise my feet at bedtime, and for some unknown reason, the heels are frequently dry and cracked. What to do? How to take care of hands and condition feet?

Having intensive hand and foot skin regeneration in mind, I decided to delight myself with home SPA. I have managed to gather all necessary information and useful tricks concerning this treatment. Now, I would like to share with you, my readers, the very tricks because I know that hand and foot SPA brings out outstanding outcomes and itโ€™s truly worth giving this procedure a go.

Why it is worth treating your feet and hands with your home SPA?

  • Prevents skin dehydration.
  • Softens skin and limits keratosis.
  • Makes skin more elastic and prevents cracking.
  • Helps preserving youthful look for longer.
  • Relaxes tight skin.
  • Can deal with hyperperspiration.
  • Slows down skin ageing processes.

Girls, this is what our hands and feet deserve! I strongly encourage you to, at least once, pamper your hands and feet with such a treatment – believe me, the outcomes will astonish you.

Home SPA treatment for hands – STEP BY STEP


It lasts approximately 15 minutes. Keeping your hands underwater is the first and a very crucial stage because it prepares this delicate hand skin for the upcoming treatments. Also, it’s a kind of prelude to the divine relaxation. Already at this stage, skin wins moisturisation whereas all irritations become soothed. Furthermore, hand SPA should always begin with bath where you can make a good use of various ingredients:

  • lemon hand bath (warm water + juice squeezed from 1 lemon) is a way to deal with discolorations and increase skin tension;
  • linseed hand bath (cool infusion made of 2 spoons of linseed and water) it’s a perfect treatment for damaged and dehydrated hands;
  • milk hand bath (1 glass of warm water + 1 glass of chamomile infusion) itโ€™s a moisturising and nourishing treatment.

It lasts about 10 minutes. It’s an important stage at which we are able to get rid of dead epidermis cells and all impurities. This stage makes hands ready for what is the most important, which is intensive nourishment. Since it’s home SPA for hands, the scrub you’re going to use doesn’t have to be readymade. In other words, you can use the ingredients that are currently at your home:

  • olive oil (or any other oil) poses a good base of your homemade scrub;
  • sugar, salt, coffee grains or grinded oat flakes are great exfoliating agents;
  • lemon juice add-in facilitates dealing with discolorations;
  • a little bit of honey brings relief and nourishes skin.

It takes more or less 10 minutes. Hand mask is crucial when skin of your hands is exceptionally dehydrated. At this stage, you provide your hands with nourishment, moisturisation and regeneration. At this moment, you rebuild natural protective layer of epidermis preventing, at the same time, water loss. Also, thanks to this, you shield hands against external factors. Similarly to hand bath, each hand mask can vary accordingly to the ingredients you have at your disposal:

  • potato hand mask (2 cooked and mashed potatoes + egg’s yolk + 3 spoons of warm milk) is an easy way to deliver nourishment and smoothness to your hands;
  • egg hand mask (egg’s yolk + 1 spoon of honey + 1 spoon of, for example, shea or coconut butter) helps skin restore its suppleness and nourishment;
  • olive hand mask (3 spoons of warm olive oil + egg’s yolk) is a highly moisturising treatment which delivers rejuvenation to skin.

Home SPA treatment for feet – STEP BY STEP


It lasts approximately 15 minutes. Once you remove nail polish (if you happen to wear it), it’s better to keep feet underwater for a short period of time first. After all, foot SPA is supposed to relax you. Foot bath is a method of getting rid of pain, relaxing muscles, making skin softer, and fighting back bacteria that tend to gather on feet. All you need is a bowl of warm water and one of the easy-accessible ingredients:

  • salt – makes skin soft and fresh;
  • baking soda – disinfects and slows down sweating;
  • thyme, rosemary and lavender – also limit sweating;
  • chamomile – relaxes and soothes skin;
  • mint or elder – perfect to treat scalds;
  • sage, oak bark or horsetail – deliver relief to hurt feet.

Of course, foot baths can be modified at will. Here are my most favourable mixtures:

  • nourishing foot bath (1 spoon of honey + 1 spoon of liquid soap + 2 teaspoons of almond oil) is a way to nourish foot skin;
  • energizing foot bath (juice squeezed from one lemon + 2 spoons of olive + 2 spoons of fat milk + 1 teaspoon of cinnamon) works antibacterial and leaves foot skin fresh;
  • moisturising foot bath (30 millilitre of lemon juice + 30 millilitres of milk + 2 teaspoons of olive + a pinch of cinnamon) replenishes foot skin with moisture.

It lasts about 10 minutes. If carried out appropriately, this procedure boosts blood microcirculation and, of course, smooths skin. Moreover, this treatment doesn’t only remove dead epidermis cells, which are even more prone to removal due to the bath, but also it cleanses feet from impurities that have gathered. Foot scrub can be made of the same ingredients as hand scrub. The best as base ingredients are oils and vegetable butters which can be replaced with milk cream or honey. When it comes to the exfoliating particles, these can be posed by sea salt, fine grain sugar, regular poppy or strawberry seeds.


It takes more or less 10 minutes. In the case of feet, I rarely apply homemade mask since the action delivered by creams available on the market are satisfying. What’s important though is to apply them right after treating your feet with a scrub. They protect the delicate foot skin parts and, additionally, soften the parts which still remain hard. Basically, it’s enough to pat a cream into the skin and that’s all. However, when we organize home foot SPA, it’s better to use rich in nourishing substances and natural oils creams and secure them with cotton socks afterwards. This kind of ‘dressing’ is a perfect solution. The good news is that you can even go to sleep having the ‘dressing’ on to let all the nutrients penetrate foot skin completely.

Uff… Quite a long entry, isn’t it? Anyway, I hope that you’ll make a good use of my ideas and go for this home foot and hand SPA ๐Ÿ™‚ Enjoy!

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