Foil your body up! What is body wrapping?

Hello Girls!

Do you know what body wrapping is? (^.^)

I guess, the majority of you know many ways of dealing with this unwanted cellulite or pounds that are just, let’s call it, redundant. One of such methods is the already mentioned body wrapping about which I would like to tell more in this entry. Aren’t the opinions concerning this procedure a little bit too flattery? Let’s find out!

BODY WRAPPING – this is a two-stage body shaping treatment carried out to make skin more firm as well as to accelerate fat burning in particular body parts. The most important in the procedure is to secure applied cosmetic by wrapping a chosen body part with food foil.

Is sounds weird, doesn’t it? I was sceptical about this method as well… I was wondering what can be won by wrapping yourself with foil. I gave it a go and I learnt that sometimes it worth looking weird just for a while – after all, if something looks silly, but it works, it’s not silly at all! And this applies to body wrapping, which:

  • stimulates blood and lymph flow;
  • unclogs skin pores and removes toxins form skin;
  • improves skin firmness and its tension;
  • minimizes cellulite and counteracts it;
  • reduces fat tissue;
  • supplies skin with oxygen and evens its tone.

What is body wrapping about?

This is a treatment that is sometimes named ‘body foiling’. This is a very literal way of describing this procedure and, I think, somebody could come up with something more subtle. Especially that ‘body foiling’ sounds as if somebody was to put a corpse into a black bag – it simply may be associated with something bad despite being a truly effective treatment. How does it look like? In my opinion, the procedure itself isn’t that complicated, however, I suggest you to apply body scrub first so as to remove dead epidermis cells from your skin’s surface. This significantly improves the final effect.

1. Apply a body firming cosmetic to the particular body part

Cosmetic used for body wrapping procedure has to feature active substances delivering intensive action. Such ingredients must be able to effectively and professionally fight back unwanted pounds or orange peel (for example, caffeine, ginseng, sea algae extract, cinnamon or ginger). Basically, you can apply a cosmetic bought in a drug store, cosmetic mud, or your own homemade mixture. A layer of the balm or serum should be thick because it will be secured with foil and it doesn’t have to get absorbed immediately after applying.

2. We give a few minute body massage

As the next step it’s suggested to enjoy a gentle massage. This stimulates blood circulation in skin cells and facilitates absorption of the active substances. The good thing about this stage is that you don’t have to receive any special training to massage your body properly because all you have to do is rubbing the product by applying circular motions. Finally, the massage doesn’t need to last long.

3. We wrap the body with transparent food foil and leave it for 45-60 minutes

The most important stage is, so-called, body wrapping. The massaged body part has to be wrapped with food foil in such a way to protect the rest of the cosmetic and accelerate its absorption by skin. Body wrapping delivers positive effects because foil maintains warmth which, in turn, facilitates all the active substances and balm penetrate the skin way better. What’s important to realize, the foil shouldn’t be applied too tightly, yet it shouldn’t slip either. In other words, you have to work out your own technique so as to make the foil remain in a particular body part. Last but not least, once you are wrapped, I suggest getting a good book and a cup of coffee/tea and lie on a sofa. Also, put a blanket on the foiled body parts so as to produce as much warmth as possible.

4. We take the foil off and rinse cosmetic residues with lukewarm water

Under no circumstances should you go to sleep wrapped with the foil! You have to let it sit for a particular time and take off afterwards, that’s all. After unwrapping, I suggest taking a lukewarm shower so as to remove the residues of the cosmetic. What’s crucial, you should use neither gel nor soap to make your skin clean, yet try to rub the residues of the applied serum. All body washing products may unnecessarily deprive you of the precious nourishing substances you wanted to supply your skin with.

What’s the secret of body wrapping procedure?

Some of you might blink at what I’ve just written, I can imagine that. However, I saw it for myself that body wrapping is a truly effective treatment. Just think about this. As I mentioned it above, foil is supposed to cumulate warmth and prevent water located in dermis from evaporating – this is an effective method of improving the penetrating factor of nourishing substances. The sensation of heat, which accompanies the procedure, is the result of higher temperature produced under the foil. Owning to open skin pores, active substances can reach even the deepest skin layers in the nick of time. The most important here is the temperature which prepares skin to welcome any cosmetic. Also, it stimulates microcirculation of blood in skin.

Body wrapping – For who?

Unfortunately, I have to warn you that not all of us can undergo this treatment. And I’m not talking about the costs since if somebody can’t afford a visit at a beautician’s then home body wrapping will completely satisfy their needs, I’m sure about this – there’s nothing difficult connected with the procedure. Actually, body wrapping isn’t suitable for those of you who have problems with blood circulation which is, for example, varicose veins, hypertension and heart diseases. Basically, women who are pregnant and those who are prone to broken capillaries should refrain from carrying out body wrapping, as well.

From me, this procedure receives 3xR:
I RECOGNIZED it, RAN a test, and RECOMMEND the treatment 🙂

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