New Arrival Review: Nanobrow Eyebrow Pen for Microblading-Like Makeup

Hello everyone!

Recently the Nanobrow brand has released new eyebrow pens that are supposed to mimic brow tattooing – microblading, to be more precise – and I want to tell you more about them. I used to think that filling brows using a pen is complicated and time-consuming. Now I recommend it to brow makeup beginners! Why? Keep reading to find out šŸ™‚

Eyebrow pen from Nanobrow – effect on my eyebrows

I had a chance to try the Nanobrow Microblading Pen. As the manufacturer promises:

Nanobrow Microblading Pen is a unique and innovative cosmetic that lets you create microblading-like makeup without tattooing! Everyone seeking a precision tool for brow thickening will love this product.

What do I make of the product?

The eyebrow pen Nanobrow was a nice surprise! I can use it to:

  • draw hairs imitating real eyebrows
  • fill all sparse areas and give volume to very thin brows
  • create very natural makeup which looks like microbladed brows

Convenient alternative to brow tattooing

Another great thing: it’s waterproof! Nanobrow eyebrow pen is smudge-proof and doesn’t come off when you accidentally touch the brow. I’m pleasantly surprised by long-lasting results, intense pigments and natural shades. Choosing the right one is easy as there are four hues, both warm and cool tones. It’s cost-effective and affordable. Inspired by the brow microblading technique, it has a nib that resembles a thin needle, which is why it manages to create super precise hair-like strokes. Nobody will tell whether it’s your own brows or not šŸ™‚ You just need to get the hang of using a brow pen and then brow makeup will take you a few minutes tops. Even if something goes wrong, you can wipe it off using makeup remover. Nanobrow Microblading Pen is the secret to the up-to-date, trendy, long-lasting makeup without the need for permanent makeup and tattooing! One product is enough to make brows look as if done by an esthetician.

Brow makeup with a pen – tips

  • Before you use your brow pen for the first time, try it on the hand palm, creating a few strokes.
  • When filling in your brows, hold the pen diagonally to draw the thinnest hairs.
  • Start from the lower line, using quick strokes.
  • Follow the direction of hair growth and draw the lines.
  • You can easily remove the pen using micellar water or makeup removing oil.

Eyebrow pen for microblading effects – who can go for it?

I would never go for microbladed brows, but I love the effect this pen creates. I recommend it especially to those who have sparse brows like mine. Brow pomades and pencils always look unnatural on my thin brows, and I wanted a different thing. Thanks to the eyebrow pen, I can thicken, volumize and fill in my brows creating subtle makeup. Eyebrow pens work great for people who want to keep brows filled in for many hours – also on the beach or at the gym.

I bought it at but I guess you can try looking for drugstores selling this eyebrow pen – Douglas or Boots are worth checking.

What do you think of such brow products? Do you like makeup done with a brow pen? As usual I look forward to your comments šŸ™‚

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